Friday, March 27, 2009

It's not just a blog, it's insight to my mind!

Long ago and far away, Jesse used to read my blogs all the time and he doesn't anymore because we live together. But I wish he would because even though we live together and we talk, his new schedule of working nights isn't working with our social life much. He sleeps in in the morning and then comes home late enough to eat dinner, check his email and social network status, play a little bit of Radioshack and go to bed. I just feel like our communication is not what it used to be. Plus a lot of times my blogs are more than just blogs, they're insights to what's on my mind. Sometimes I say things here that I don't say in person cos I either forget or it hasn't crossed my mind yet. Anyway, I wish he'd read blogs more.

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The Joo said...

You know how Kenny blogged for me the other day? Up until then, he just figured if there was anything interesting I would repeat it to him.