Sunday, March 22, 2009

Modern Love & The Replacement

Last night Chrissy and I went out to a show. Musically it wasn't my normal cup of tea but the group turned out to be pretty interesting and we had mucho fun. Anyway, none of the groups started till well after midnight and the headlining group went on around 1:00 something. Chrissy didn't eat yet so we walked down to Silver Peak. While there she said some guy was hot and I told her that Jesse was my man to end all men; meaning after I met him and really got to know him, that no other man could ever compare to him and I only had eyes for him. She said it's really sweet to hear the way I talk about my husband especially when so many people these days have so much relationship drama or divorces or what have you. That it was nice to hear of people still believing in love and having such admiration for one another in this day and age. We're like some sorts of relics from the past preserved in morale and given a modern flair in appearance.

On that note, Chrissy had a friend who shared friends with her but has her own drama going on and long story short, they don't talk anymore. She was there last night and kept giving us glares of jealousy as if to inquire who the replacement friend was, that being me. Chrissy explained the situation a little more and it saddens me because this girl is going through some serious hard times and I'm pretty sure the negative feelings she's feeling towards Chrissy are more of an outlet do deal with her inner problems and insecurities as a way of coping with what's going on in her life. Or there may be a darker secret reason that no one knows. Either way, it's just sad whenever two good friends don't talk. Chrissy believes that she'll never talk to her again based on what's happening. I said it may be a while and when she comes around it might work out. I mean, I've been in those shoes obviously and things worked out. Of course I had a longer history with my friend than they did, which might explain why she believes what she does. Anyway, last night I found it amusing that I was looked at by someone in a jealous way because I'm so not the type of person to go out and create drama on my own. Usually any drama that happens with me is a result of a misunderstanding or someone putting me in an awkward position. I don't think the position was awkward or anything. It was just the type of look you'd get if you ran into an ex somewhere with your new date and they're just there with a friend. That look of, "Oh, I see you've moved on already. And with that person? They're not even your type. You must be desperate." Can you see why I got a good chuckle? Heaven forbid people with different taste from different walks of life be able to coexist and, gasp!, even be friends. The idea you have to remain friends solely with people in your own musical cliques is so jr. high and high school to me.

Anyway, that's all. We got home around 2:00 something and hung out in the car talking for a while before I went up. Chrissy lost her cell phone accidentally leaving it in the bathroom on the counter and someone swiped it. She said it was a Cricket phone and worth nothing and can't believe someone stole it because phones are worth nothing. But I'm sure there's someone in the world desperate enough to steal a cell phone for something. Oh well.

Oh, quick addition: last night it was snowing pretty good just as things got going. It was so amazing to see the snow fall outside with what was happening inside. It was a great contrast.

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