Monday, March 23, 2009

You should be paying ME to do YOUR job...

Seriously, I'm sick of various people not having their crap together and making it my fault. I'm not working! You people are. In fact, you get paid for ME to do your jobs, like send you the same information several times over when you should be updating your system. And instead, you try to get me to pay fees for things that never should even be brought about because of your employees are probably sitting around stalking people on Myspace or something!

Case 1: Sallie Mae vs. William D. Ford Direct Loan Consolidation Program
This is an ongoing battle I am just about ready to stop fighting and throw in the towel and say forget it to them. I rehabilitated my loan. William Ford was buying it from them. They sent the request to Sallie Mae to see what they need to pay them to buy my loan and Sallie Mae denied it. Why? I DON'T KNOW! But now it's been 2 months since the original form was sent over and they won't let William Ford buy it out because it's now delinquent because they screwed up thinking that they [Sallie Mae] was buying my loan back when they don't buy loans that go into default. Their stupidity! Just admit you suck and let William Ford give you money to buy my loan. How hard is that!?

Case 2: Reno DMV vs. Geico Insurance
They are fantastic compared to LA but they didn't realize that my insurance policy included two cars, not just one. So I had to call my insurance provider and have them call the DMV and verify my coverage so I wouldn't get slapped with a $250 fine and suspended license for not having insurance. Fortunately my insurance provider was on it and got the info to them in a timely manner. I guess it's good to have a little green gecko and Cavemen on your side.

Case 3: Anthem, Ameriben, The Medical Group of Northern Nevada & Jesse
Anthem, our old health care insurance provider took months to get our proof of coverage letter mailed out to us and our new provider, Ameriben, didn't get it faxed over till a few months back. I guess at some point they needed to know what doctors Charlie has been to in the period from birth to end of coverage with Anthem. They mailed 3 letters to Jesse stating this and he figures because one letter is a claims form stating services performed that they all are the same thing. WRONG! So now The Medical Group of Northern Nevada is billing us $72 for a doctor's visit. Of course this can all be made right by faxing them a list of doctors Charlie has seen and their phone numbers and addresses. So that will be sent off tomorrow.

I'm just annoyed. If I was going to do everyone's work they get paid $10 or $12 an hour to do, I'd really like to see some of that money coming into my pockets. It's just annoying that some people skate by in their jobs and only see it as a paycheck and nothing more and do the bare minimum to keep their job. I can write a blog and a half about shotty workmanship and I may do that later this afternoon. Till then, I'll just enjoy the fact I now have the world's most adorable debit card and I am going to the park and might possibly enjoy some ice cream.

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