Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Never Ending Saga of Trash Diggers

Tonight Jesse had to run off yet another trash digger. I don't know if someone's moving in Auntie Anthrax's building or what but there's this huge pile of crap in the alley. Jesse hears some rummaging and looks out the window and there's a dude with a bike and a flashlight going through the trash. I have a weird suspicion I'll read a blog about this on the Reno Really Really Free Market myspace site but none the less, I believe if you are going to be a trash digger you need to have ethics about it. For starters, if there's stuff in an alley that is trash like furniture, a box of clothes, etc. that looks like it is intentionally left out for free taking, go right ahead and take it. That's what it's there for, right? In hopes someone will take it? But do it during the day. Don't ride up on a bike at night with a flash light and rummage through things at 9:45 pm. Second, the people who collect cans, I understand they recycle them for money, but my rule and this applies to the first rule as well, don't go taking trash bags OUT of the trash, dumping trash onto the concrete and sorting for cans and other recyclable goods and then do a half-assed job putting it away or not even bothering to put it away. It's just wrong. In fact, it's littering. Anyway, back to tonight. So there's some guy who is going through the trash all ass late at night. Jesse goes out to run him off because he's not taking the stuff that's out in the open, he's opening up bags and going through things and what not. So he does his flashlight routine of shining his high powered flash light on the perpetrator and his surrounding area. The guy looks up like a deer caught in the headlights and Jesse tells him if he wants to go through the trash to do it in the day time. The guy asks what time and Jesse says he doesn't care just not at night when it's dark out. The guy then continues to go through the trash and Jesse yells at him to stop and the guy tries to get confrontational and says, "Or what?" Jesse replies, "We'll see what RPD has to say about it" and walks off. Two seconds later, the guy grabs his bag of goodies and hauls ass on his bike to flee the scene before the cops show up. We never called them. For a minute there when the guy started to get mouthy I thought there might be a shootout but in the end all was well. So trash diggers, don't show up at night. And if you dig through the trash for cans, only take the cans or plastic. Don't take paperwork. It's ok to take stuff if it's left out like it wants to be taken away like furniture and boxes of stuff. Otherwise, watch what you do and mind your trash digging manners.

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