Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Point to ponder...

Why is it you are required by "law" to wear seat belts when driving a car, but you do not need to wear a seat belt on a bus and you only need to wear your seat belt on a train or plane when the captain tells you you have to?

Why do babies and children need to ride in car seats by "law" when they are in your car, but can ride on your lap if you are on a plane up till they are 2 years old?

What kind of mixed messages are being sent here?

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The Joo said...

You ever hear of someone being thrown through the window of a bus? It doesn't happen. They're too big for much of anything to harm them/move them much. As for planes, I'm pretty sure the seatbelts are more a convenient way of telling us to stay in our seats and not stand up and juggle luggage at key moments of the flight. Just my theory.