Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pug Life

I was out and about thrift shopping yesterday with my friend Chrissy when the topic of me liking pugs came up. She has a little pomeranian, Bentley, who seems less interested in Lulu than he does in kicking dirt and peeing all over the place and sniffing Lulu's pee. Anyway, she said it's odd that there's so much stuff in the world for pugs and some breeds of dogs (I'm guessing like labs and things of that sort?) and how there's nothing for other dogs. I told her about my sister having that same complaint about papillons. I also said how pugs aren't dogs, they're a way of life. Hence, I have a PUG LIFE shirt from my sister. A pug wallet from my sister. Charles has several stuffed pug dogs including Frankenpug, the squeaky toy for Lulu that had to be stitched up the belly because it broke and Charlie took over it and sleeps with him so he can sleep with a pug in his bed too. I am eagerly awaiting my pug watch. We have two pug mugs. I have a pug mouse pad, also from my sister. My sister gets me a large number of pug related items because she's in the pet industry and has access to all the crazy cool things, including new unreleased merchandise when she goes to pet expos. But yeah, pugs, they more than just cute, they're a way of life. So now, I just got an email that my pug debit card design has been approved. Everyone loves Lulu. I will get to further display my pride of the Pug Life.

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