Thursday, March 19, 2009

Radioshack! Part deux

I'm gonna get nerdy here for a minute. I took some screen shots of the game. Hehe. I'm not one of those computer game or video game or game for any matter type person. But I am slowly becoming addicted to Red Orchestra now that I've found a position I'm actually good at, which I blame on the fact I'm actually good at it in person and the game is very accurate with the sights. That's the rifleman. See, for a while, I avoided trying it out because it says it's a higher skill level than a two other player levels which I want to say were the machine gunner and semi-auto rifleman. But I get to use a Mauser as a rifleman and I'm fairly good with mine in real life so lining up sights on a game is really no different. I still only play in practice mode because I'm a little scared of going into a real game, you know? I don't feel confident in my shoes enough to take on virtual players yet. But for the 10 minutes or so I did play, I got 6 kills. I also got a cool screen shot of a fireball after I killed me a commie. Jesse, I hope you see this post. That's all I got for now.

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