Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Short term answers don't equal long term solutions

But damn, do I like them. I know everyone says the stimulus plan is bad because the gov't is borrowing money from bankers to get us to spend money and stimulate the economy and most people aren't going to go out and spend frivolously but use their refunds to pay bills and basic daily living expenses and then in the long run the gov't will have to pay back the bankers with interest making it harder on our economy and resolving nothing. But I am one of those victims of credit who doesn't look at long term effects and only see that now I have more money and get giddy about it. I understand giving money to everyone with their tax refunds has a purpose which will never be fulfilled but I gotta give Obama props on part of this whole stimulus plan which affects people who truly need a little extra money. Who you ask? The unemployed! As of Feb. 22nd, the gov't passed a stimulus bill adding an additional $25 a week to unemployment insurance benefits. That means I get an extra $50 a pay period on my unemployment checks. I do feel giddy about this. It's like getting a surprise raise or something. Of course it'll just go to normal living expenses and possibly moving expenses. It's a good thing for me and my family none the less that we will be getting an extra $100 a month. I know a lot of people who can see the reality of what the stimulus plan does to the economy are probably cringing at the thought of this but for me, someone who is close to rock bottom financially, this means good news. At least temporary good news till we can get on our feet. I feel as if we've been crawling along for the last two years and one day we'll get to that standing position.

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