Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty's in a nutshell

Yesterday was bad in the evening for me. I tried to get a bunch of things done in a short period of time like put Charlie to bed, make dinner for me, and get ready to go out. In turn, Charlie did not go to bed, my dinner burned, and I was running late for going out. Eventually it got squared away and Chrissy came over around 10:00 and we went out on foot to Rapscallions to start our night. Apparently, RPD had the street blocked off at the end of Wells and drunks were everywhere. I've never been out for St. Patrick's Day out here but it was super fun. People clad in green and dressed up casual, formal, costumesque, and everything in between paraded down the streets with drinks in hand. It was very much like when you see Halloween festivities in Hollywood on tv for the best I can explain it. Anyway, we got some drinks at Rapscallions, mingled and then headed to S. Virginia and stopped off at Coaches for more drinks. Took a photo and got an amazing photo bomb from someone who turned out to be someone Chrissy recognized. Mingled more and invited the Photo Bomber to join us and then crossed the street to Chapel. Drank, mingled. From there, we headed to Amendment 21. By this point I took my heels off and walked in fishnets on the sidewalk avoiding any glass or puke because my feet were killing me. The heels I wore and walked comfortably in 6 months ago were now very uncomfortable and I had no idea why. Amendment 21 was playing some old skool and 70's funk when we got there and I was totally feeling it. We got our last round of drinks there, danced, mingled and then I called it a night at 12:30. We decided to take a cab home even though we were just a mile away because frankly, it was cold, our feet hurt, I don't think walking was a good idea. Chrissy went back out to meet back with some of her friends after we got home, but the best part of the night was finding $20 on the floor in Amendment 21. I'm a cheap date and I only spent $20 in drinks that night anyway, so that paid for my drinks. I got the cab fare for the night for that so it was all good. So partying was fun.

Coming home was not.

When I got home, I was feeling a little frisky. Jesse was not. So I went to bed, still in a slip, bra, underwear, and fishnets. 30 minutes later, Charlie wakes us up crying. We bring him in bed to calm him down and after another 30 minutes of fussing, he calms down and goes to bed between us. Lulu decides that every night she sleeps between Jesse's feet that tonight she is going to sleep on my side by the edge of the bed. So I sleep in a stiff state in fear of rolling over Charlie or knocking Lulu off the bed. To top it all off, I wake at 7:30, hung over to a crying Charlie who tells me that my sleeping days are over and he's up for the day. So that's it. That's how it all ends. Back to normal...

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