Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank You For thinking of me in your Pyramid Scheme...

So today I get this fat ass letter in the mail from one C. Halverson in Sparks, NV. This name is totally foreign to me yet this man has my entire name and address, which looks to have been stolen from a direct mail listing. Out of curiosity, I open the letter and find 3 pages of pyramid scheme old school chain letter propaganda. Send $1 to the original sender of this. Add your name to some list and mail to so many people. You'll get hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'm half compelled to write back to Mr. C. Halverson a letter telling him thank you for considering me in his pyramid scheme but that I refuse to participate. I mean, if your life is that bad you mail things out to random strangers in hopes of striking it rich, well, I can't comment on how ridiculous and pointless this is, but even more so, for the suckers who believe it will work. Yeah, I'll pass on this one Clint. Thanks but no thanks.

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