Friday, March 13, 2009

Venting for a minute

I am frustrated from a caller who calls my home and shows up on caller ID only as 513. Not sure what it is, we assume telemarketer and turn off the ringer. Monday I answer it and it's a student loan rehabilitation program. I had spent 11 months doing one of those from February 2008 to December 2008 and then in January 2009, after I completed the program in December, I was mailed a packet to submit to the William D. Ford Federal Loan Consolidation program. This was mailed back priority mail with confirmation number to the agency I had worked with and they submitted it to the gov't agency on January 19, 2009. It could take up to 60 days to process my papers before I got the new loan packet. Having done this rehabilitation program as well, my loan was now in good standing with Sallie Mae. Or so I thought. So now General Revenue Center (GRC) is calling me wanting to set up a loan rehabilitation program. Again? The same thing I just did for a year with someone else? I told them to blank off and that my loan was with the gov't waiting for certification. I call the gov't agency and they tell me that I should call Sallie Mae because for whatever reason they can't and only I can by law. I call Sallie Mae and they tell me they denied my request on January 26, 2009. WHAT!? At what point were they planning on telling me or William D. Ford!? Why was I just finding this out now and why did they sell my account to another collections agency!? Well now I need to re-apply for the William D. Ford in hopes that this time Sallie Mae will approve my loan purchase, of course now I need a PIN number from the gov't because I don't even remember the last time I had one but I think it was in 2003 and I don't remember it even if I did have one! So now that will take about 2 weeks for them to verify my SSN with social security before my PIN even gets activated. ARE YOU SHITTING ME!? I am wanting to throw bricks at people right now!!!

So it gets better. I put that crap aside. I get my mail and find a thing for a certified letter. I stalk the mailman lady and get the letter and it's from the DMV saying they are going to suspend my license at the end of the month because they don't have proof of insurance from me. What!? I just submitted that crap like last month! For whatever reason my proof of insurance is saying there's a lapse of coverage of a week and that I might need to owe $250. ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL!? So I have to call my insurance company to have them verify coverage and they say it starts on the 16th of November but the DMV wants it to start on the 8th? I'm not sure but I could have sworn I added the car the same day I got it registered and all that after I got home from the DMV. If I didn't, are they seriously going to make me pay $250 for a week of no coverage? I'm literally at the point of wanting to snap at any agency trying to dick me out of money for a bullshit cause. Seriously. I am so over these people. All of them. Screw them all!

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