Thursday, March 19, 2009

What the fluff!?

I've been finding myself playing Jesse's game when he's at work and Charlie's napping now that I can figure it out better. I thought, "OK, this is actually a pretty cool fun game." I thought about how much cooler it was than the gay game my ex used to play and I can't for the life of me think of what it was called. I keep wanting to call it Magic the Gathering after the ridiculous card role-play game my friend Alissa's little brother Adam and his friend Pop'nFresh (that's what we called him) used to play when they were in junior high. Then out of nowhere just now, I remembered, it was Diablo 2! It was so gay! It had wizards and monsters. Totally not something a normal grown man would play. Definitely geared towards the nerd crowd. Anyway, Red Orchestra is way cool. I getta shoot commies. That's all.


Lori said...

In all seriousness, diablo 2 is a freaking awesome game and I also love to play magic the gathering. Truly good times. The only pass time too nerdy for my taste (and i have played it so this is an educated opinion) is dungeons and dragons.

The Joo said...

Apparently I'm some sort of uber nerd, because I actually DO play dungeons and dragons. Embrace the nerdiness!

DasBoogs said...

At least you're both honest about it. I can totally see you two playing nerdy role play games by the way.