Saturday, March 7, 2009

Won't happen to me!

I was leaving Plato's Closet tonight and saw these old ladies trying to get into a silver Toyota. The one lady kept clicking her lock to unlock the car and it wasn't working. The sound was happening but it wasn't opening. She thought it was broken and tried to use the key. The key didn't work. She then goes, "OH! This isn't my car!" Her car was the silver Toyota next to the one she was trying to get into. The one whose lights were blinking every time she'd click the lock to open it. The one that was also next to another silver Toyota and a silver Honda for a total of 4 silver cars that all looked the same next to each other. Her friend comments, "Goodness! All these cars look the same it's hard to know which one is yours!" Um, yeah. That's why I'll never have to worry about not finding my car in a parking lot. Although, there is a Buick the same color as my car that I'm guessing belongs to an employee at Walmart because I sometimes confuse it from afar with my car and continue to walk down that aisle before realizing it's not my car.

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