Sunday, March 29, 2009

You don't live in a cave

It always pisses me off when people try to undermine your intelligence or play you for a fool. The element in our life who abandoned their friends cats to move is trying to pull a pity trip on us. Again they can't look for work because they have no internet. Granted their dad does and it works fine for him but it doesn't work for the nomad. Jesse suggested a place with free wifi like a Starbucks or library. The person says there aren't any Starbucks out there and the library doesn't have internet. Are you kidding me? What kinda assholes do they take us for to believe that shit?! I checked my phone browser and found 5 Starbucks listings in their area! I don't know why everyone puts up with that person's crap but if they ever call and try to pull their shit on me I'm gona tear them a new one with that slap in the face get your shit together cos I'm not gona do it for you tough love they should have got ages ago. I'm sick of everyone trying to make excuses for that lazy apathetic bum.

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