Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cinco de Mayo isn't complete without a low rider parade

Last year around this time, I was pregnant as heck about to pop and in a lot of pain but managed to get Lulu to walk with me around Fiesta on Wells to check out what was happening. Fiesta on Wells is a yearly Cinco de Mayo festival held the week BEFORE Cinco de Mayo that has a bunch of vendors on Wells in front of their businesses trying to promote their services (a type of economic stimulus plan I'd like to see more of) and they have raffles, parades, stuff for kids, live music, and all sorts of ruckus. It's not exactly something I would go to if I didn't live in the neighborhood, but since I can just walk one block over and I'm there at the festivities, I don't mind going cos it is free. Last year I missed the parade but this year I was in for a treat! I got Jesse to bring Charlie and I took Lulu and we watched it.

The best part of the parade is they'll let just about anyone be in there. It started off like any regular parade - color guard, a grand marshal, a parade queen. Then comes the lowriders. That's right, lowriders. Because no parade celebrating Mexican culture is set without stereotypes of lowriders and gagnsta trucks.

And while we're on stereotypes in a parade, there's pitbulls. Actually, it was the humane society walking dogs for adoption. They just happened to have all pit mixes and one chiahuahua. Again, stereotypes.

Next comes the Mariscos fish truck with the big yellow fisherman on it. I've never eaten there but I hear they're the place to go for authentic Mexican fish. My favorite is the fact they have crabs and other sea critters on a mid-90's Nissan pick up truck and the lights on the back are taped over because the plastic is missing!

But lets get back to stereotypes! After Mariscos comes the cholo bikes. I kid you not! At first I wasn't sure if some homies got lost and accidentally got on the parade route, but then I realized, no they're just part of the parade. And they were the segue into what I think was the Reno Bike Project

Then there was this odd character. While there's a parade and all sorts of excitement to photograph, weirdo art kid is taking photos of the floor. That's right, the floor. Why? I don't know.

After that, the parade goes on to a typical cultural heritage celebration with the Aztec tribal dancers...

But then it takes a turn for the weird again with what appears to be some sort of Ultimate Fighting school for kids. Kids are walking down the street in boxing shorts and fight gear beating the crap out of each other for real. It was disturbingly amusing.

Then comes a Mexican group being pulled on a trailer from the back of a pick up truck. I think this was an attempt at a float but whatever it was, I loved that beat up pick up trucks were incorporated in so many of the ride concepts of the parade.

And then it was wrapped up with 50 something horses with Mexican cowboys and the horses were all very cute and some even danced.

Anyway, that was Fiesta on Wells. Good times.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I hate moving because...

I hate packing. I hate taking years of accumulated things and trying to sort and put into boxes. I'm at the point I don't even care about organization. It's just whatever is in my way goes into a box and I'll deal with it later. I have nothing more to say now other than I'd like a shower or a nap. Possibly something containing some alcohol. Charlie is sleeping, hopefully for the night. Hopefully. Jesse better not wake him.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have one rule for the new house and that's that I absolutely do NOT want to see any tools or tool boxes or cleaners out in the open. Why am I so mad you ask? Oh, because Jesse went to the junk yard two days ago and never put his tool box up and he put it what he thought to be out of the way, which is in front of Charlie's crib by our bedroom door. I backed out and whack my ankle on the latch where you can hook up a lock, scraping a tictac size chunk of skin away. No bleeding, just that more painful than an open wound open raw skin thing and a bruised ankle. Needless to speak, if I see any tools in the new home I will probably chuck them across the room to who knows where. In fact, I'm kinda on the war path in terms of tools and my feelings of them in general right now. I'm over them. Here's a pic of my ankle. It's one of those cases it hurts a lot more than it looks.

Guns aren't that loud

Every range you shoot at requires you to wear hearing protection when you shoot to prevent damage to your ears because of how loud guns are. It doesn't get rid of the sound of the gun fire but it makes it less loud.

Charlie has been doing this shrill screaming thing lately and I don't know why. I think it's just him being a butt. But at 6 am this morning when he's doing it non-stop because it's his way of telling us to get up, I say, alright, you wanna be up at 6:30, fine. I take him and let him putz around and put on my ear plugs I wear when I go shooting. No good little so-and-so. Well, I don't know why you have to wear hearing protection when you shoot and not when you parent because Charlie is still loud even with the ear plugs on. I'm sure he'll do more damage to my ears than shooting without ear plugs will because I only go out shooting maybe once every so many months now and even then it's only for an hour or so. I'm around Charlie all day, 24 hours. I'd say he screams a good 1/3 of the day if you add it all up. I have headaches. I don't get sleep. I constantly look pissed off according to Jesse. Yeah, I need a break. Or at least some stronger ear protection...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Kind of a slap in the face...

About 6 months ago, Jesse applied to work at a gun manufacturer back east and they did a phone interview with him and in the end said that he wasn't experienced enough for the position. They thanked him and that was that. Well, over the course of 6 months, Jesse occasionally would check their site and the same job listing was still up. He joked that they're never going to find someone to fill that site unless they could get some specific guy in, which wouldn't happen. Today I come home and see a voicemail from who, this company! They have Jesse's resume and would like to talk to him. Really? You'd like to talk to him now? After 6 months of not finding Mr. Right you want to talk to him? After we signed a lease for a home in Reno and have all our things situated for another 6 - 12 months in Reno you want to talk to him? 6 months ago he wasn't good enough for you and now that you can't find someone you seek someone who is desperate to get into your company who was the ideal candidate 6 months ago and you told him he lacked experience and all of a sudden 6 months of not having someone do the job makes him qualified? I seriously thing if the price was right and they relocate us, we'd say sure, but at this point, if they tell him they'd hire him for $12 an hour, I'd tell them where to stick it. Seriously, I just feel insulted for Jesse. He probably feels different, but I don't. I'm mad because I spent the last few months squaring things away here to keep us in town because none of the companies he contacted called back or told him he wasn't qualified flat out. I feel like they not only were asses to Jesse, but made an ass out of me too and I'm just mad and I don't know that I'd necessarily want Jesse to work for them. Unless they want to pay him $20 an hour then I'd probably feel a little different...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The day in review

1. I was invited to go to Moana Nursery and Walmart to look at plants today and after take Charlie to play with his buddy Owen riding Owen's new birthday toys. I agreed to go under the pretense we would run into the ice cream truck and get Oreo Cookie Bars and it would be fabulous. Everything was great but the ice cream truck never showed up and that ruined everything for us. Kinda.

2. I came home and Charlie and Lulu were both completely beyond naughty. The two of them were getting into all kinds of trouble. Charlie climbed onto the couch while I was trying to trim his nails and fell and hit his head on the computer table and now has a knot and screamed bloody murder but at least he had reasoning to do so and I never got to finish trimming his nails because of it.

3. Lulu got groomed and what not because she's going to the vet tomorrow. She was very badly behaved after and ran around the house and I tripped on her and she was part of the reason Charlie hit his head because her craziness threw him off his guard.

I guess I'm just tired and frustrated but at least everyone is in bed and situated in time for American Idol. I hope my kiddos are better behaved tomorrow and I hope Charlie's bump goes away soon. Poor little guy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's called hit and run, buddy

Jesse and I went to the gun show again this morning. We took separate cars because he had to go to work after. I saw a truck come up the wrong way in an aisle to back into a spot, but in doing so, it broke the back lights and knocked a good chunk of the bumper on the car on the end of the aisle. For whatever reason I saw the whole thing and shouted out, "OH SHIT!" and had a look of shock and the driver saw me. He parked and started to jot a note to put on the car. I stared for a good while upon him doing his note. Then, I walked to meet up with Jesse at the hotel lobby. I looked out upon the parking lot to see if Jesse was anywhere to be found and he wasn't. Neither was the big truck! He left! When we left the gun show, I asked Jesse to see if there was a note on the hit car and there wasn't! That's hit and run, buddy! There's a BIG difference between opening your car and bumping your door on the side of someone's car and taking out 1/4 the back end of their car and not leaving a note. Seriously, I'm so mad I didn't get his info. I feel bad for the person he hit and hope they can catch this guy with the parking lot surveilance or something.

The bad dream with Lulu

I can't believe I never got around to blogging about this yesterday!

I had this bad dream in which Jesse and I were at this house on this pond. The pond had this weird high tide/low tide thing and at the end of the day, the water went down and these big rats the size of Lulu were coming out. They started causing problems and Lulu was trying to get them. We went inside the house and locked the door to keep them out. The ghost of the son of the people who owned the house was causing an uncomfortable presence that made everyone in there very uneasy. I don't know the people, all I know was they had like 4 kids from 8 to 16ish. Things started getting intense outside and we heard lots of commotion and horrific roaring growls. We looked outside and Lulu was gigantic, like the size of a 2 story building. Her eyes were all huge and evil and her teeth were sharp with drool dripping from them. She looked ferocious but she was acting like Lulu when she gets all crazy wanting to play. Hahaha. We went into the basement for safety because the rats also got bigger, like the size of lions, and were trying to get into the house. The next thing we know everything stops and we go outside. I try to kill a rattlesnake and get it's head off. I dunno it was a weird dream that made no sense and contained 3 of my constant dream elements: water, ghosts, and snakes. Four if you want to count a weird house that I've never been to in my life but probably exists somewhere.

I'm Fair Game!!!

I am so looking forward to the fair again this year. As I toot all too frequently, last year I got a hair up my butt to enter the apple pie contest because I've been told I make a pretty good pie. Much to my surprise, I won 2nd place. So now I get all giddy when the fair comes around so I can enter again. I decided this year I will do an apple pie again (I'm thinking my crazy idea of the upside down Dutch apple pie) as well as a general pie contest (pumpkin pecan pie) and two oddball entries into the art competition of my gun tests. Anyway, I'm super excited. We'll probably get the season passes for all 8 days or whatever it is again so we can see the animals, demolition derby, and all that great stuff. I know a few people wanted to be my fair posse for the competition judging so if you're still up to it, let me know and I'll let know know where and when to meet up. Word!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Things that make me smile

Today I was driving home from Target when a big ass Dodge Ram Hemi pulls up next to me. The engine on this thing must have been huge because it was making my car rattle. The person seemed to want to cut me off but I wasn't going to have any of that. After two stretches of lights and attempting to pass me up, they gave up and it didn't happen. They got owned by a car 30 years older than theirs and worse, by a MOM driving the car. Bwahahahahaha.

But it gets better! After that, I notice at the next red light, there's a lady behind me in a Hundai scowling at my bumper stickers. Why's that you ask? Well, there's FIGHT ORGANIZED CRIME, ABOLISH THE IRS; My Pug Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student; No Guns No Rights; and Got Sig? See for yourself!

And in other news, I won a slip cover for our loveseat on eBay for $14.99 plus $7 shipping and saw the same cover for $79 at Target. Score!

Dear God, where's my tape measure?

So I have this measuring tape. It's blue. It's plastic. It has random markings on it from the years I've used it for sewing and every other purpose in which one would need a measuring tape. I'd say I've had the thing for at least 17 years. I got it in a sewing kit I got for Christmas when I was a kid. For every moment of my life, I could always account for its whereabouts. At any given time, I knew where it was, even if I wasn't using it or didn't need to. Well, a few nights ago I needed to use it. I had used it earlier in the day and now, well, it's missing. I searched up and down the house and could not find it. Part of me is freaking out in a weird OCD I can't find what I need and I always know where it's at way, the other part is saying get a new one but is sad because this was a relatively nice measuring tape and as stated before, I've had it for at least 17 years that I can think of. Getting a new one would be pretty heart breaking. Anyway, yeah, I'm pretty bummed and freaking out over this. Maybe I'll find it when we move? I found everything else in this place that's gone missing from dog toys to binkies, just no sign of the measuring tape. Boo.

What's the female equvalent of a "douchebag"?

Today was a beautiful day for a gun show. As always, Jesse and I rounded up the family for the local gun show, this weekends being the Big Reno Show at Grand Sierra. Lots of people were out today. Parking was packed. People from all walks of life were there. There were a lot of people sporting Tax Day Tea Party wear and keeping the message alive and healthy. We got there 20 minutes after it opened and waited in line for about another 20 minutes just to get our tickets. When we got inside, we didn't bother to get ammo cos we're pretty well stocked up, but the line for that was outrageous! For starters, the ammo table is in the second room on the back wall in the middle and the line went from there to the end of the wall in the first room and down part of the other wall. So heads up to anyone thinking of going to buy ammo, you might wanna take a buddy so you can take bathroom breaks.

We ran into Dave the Jew at Meehanovitch Customs and he was bummed cos a friend of his who had some guns at his table sold more guns than he did. So the story goes. And we ran into Daggo, who we haven't seen in ages. He was there with two friends.

Jesse and I went to get a bite to eat and to take a break. We had been there a good hour. I was toting Charlie around in his possum pouch on my back and was in serious pain. We got a bite to eat at the 2nd St. Deli. We were sitting behind what I would call the female equivalent of a douchebag. This lady had the most artificial laugh ever that sounded like a mix of Fran Drescher and a seagull. At first I thought she was making fun of something, then I realized that was her actual laugh. They were talking very loud on cell phones and the one gal was talking to her friend about wanting to have a baby shower for her and she said she was going to set up a Facebook page for her baby shower. Jesse and I looked at each other and laughed and Jesse said, "Uh oh, do you feel a blog coming on?" Damned right I do! I took a paper out and started taking notes! Jesse was like, "You're taking notes?" I assured him that sometimes that's the only way I can remember copious details of absurdities. I then joked as if I were on a cell phone and her, "Grand Sierra. We're at Grand Sierra... Yeah, Grand Sierra..." Jesse chuckled. Not too long after that, she says for real, "Reno! We're in Reno right now. Yeah, Reno..." OH, SNAP! I so called it!

OK, so Jesse left to go to work and I went back in to browse the gun show a little longer. I was on a mission to get Charlie a gun. Actually, we were on this mission since I was 28 weeks pregnant and saw a cute JGA at Cabella's but never got it and of course never saw it again. I did, however, find a pretty nice little Winchester Model 67 little bolt action .22 for $85. I ran into Daggo again and he was looking for a charger for the AR he wanted to build. I asked him to go with me for his professional opinion of his soon-to-be Godson's first gun. He checked it out and there were two there he said would be good but I liked the Winchester and he said it was the better of the two. I talked the dealer into letting me have it for $75 and yeah, Charlie has a gun now for when he's older and he also has a matching vintage Winchester raglan shirt I got him a few gun shows back. I have a feeling he can get them both at the same time, I'm saying, 5 year old birthday? I figure by then he'll be old enough to learn how to shoot, so yeah.

Walking back to the car was pretty interesting. Charlie was in his possum pouch riding on my back. I was holding my big ol' purse on one hand and a .22 rifle in the other. I had my Gadsden shirt on and usual scowl Jesse says I have perpetually. Granted, I was happier than heck to find a gun for my son. As I walked out an old man working at GSR asked how busy the gun show was. I guess he wanted to check it out on his lunch break. I told him it was pretty swamped but the line to get in (by then it was noon) was gone. He seemed relieved. Then when I got outside in the parking lot on my way to my car, two guys said that Charlie and I were a "good looking family." I suppose that was because of the woman, child and rifle. People like seeing the whole family involved. After all, they should. Where else in the world will you see not only men with the right to own guns, but women as well? Just another thing that makes me proud to be an American. Anyway, we'll be going back tomorrow and I'm sure Jesse will want to look at the rifle when he gets home. I called him at work to tell him about it.

The end.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taxes, Eggs, and Drapes, Oh My!

1. I'm sick of people complaining about the whole tax issue. What did people do long before the days of taxes? How did our founding fathers have their roads taken care of? Long before police and armies we had militias of citizens who owned guns and armed themselves and were able to protect themselves. Our world has become so codependent and such a nanny-nation, that we forget our roots. We forget that at one time, we were capable of doing such things ourselves and not relying on others to do that and our thinking for us. And we didn't have problems with jobs. The only people who didn't have jobs were people who weren't willing to work. Really all these issues of taxes paying for this service and that service just came from the whole greed scene of Americans wanting more but in order to get more, they had to give. And greed never works out great in terms of anyone running anything. This can be seen in business today with the greedy owner who instead of rewarding their employees and taking care of them, expects them to work long hours with little vacation, crappy benefits, and then goes on month long vacations to Hawaii. Trust me, I wouldn't have issues paying taxes if I knew for sure my money was being spent on the right things, but I don't see any of that. And I am definitely not one of those "rich Republicans" I am being told I am by others. I'm an unemployed mom of one who is married to a man who makes a little over minimum wage. We're good at budgeting our money and happen to find little jobs here and there to make ends meet. We're not driving around in new fancy cars, with fancy clothes and things of the sorts. We're just your average run of the mill Americans who came from families with the work ethics of don't spend beyond your means and if you want something, work for it cos there's no such thing as a free lunch. And I don't want to hear about how bailing out the auto industry and others will help keep jobs in America because last I checked, most "American" cars have most of their mechanical parts outsourced and really the only parts "made" in America is the final assembly and even then, most corporations find that they can hire an illegal for half the cost of an American. Can you feel my outrage on this? And guess what, it's not me, but it's those greedy employers who are trying to cut corners and save money for themselves that outsource and hire illegals, the people you try to lump me in with, the people who you say deserve a bail out because doing so will keep jobs for Americans. I don't support illegals. I don't support big business. I don't support government fiscal irresponsibility. And I especially don't support you telling ME that I am one of THEM. I'm not. I am an American. I am what this country is about. I'm hard working. I don't have much, but I appreciate what I have. I do what I can to make ends meet. I help where help is needed. I don't succumb to greed and selling out. I am all for grass roots organizations and civil disobedience. If you want to call me a right wing extremist or terrorist or unpatriotic because I don't believe in paying more taxes so that corrupt politicians can get richer while we the people lose our rights every day and our country goes to hell in a hand basket, then by God, call me what you will. I know in my heart I am an American and no one can ever take that from me and if I have to affiliate myself with anything, I will affiliate myself with my forefathers who came to this country to escape tyrants, with nothing, establishing their homes from the blood, sweat, and tears; not these new pseudo dictators who tell us what to believe, what we can and can't do and how many vaccines to pump our children up with so we can all one day become zombie slaves to their new world order. OK, I got off topic slightly, but can you feel my anger here?

2. I am having serious issues peeling hard boiled eggs. Perhaps it's just pent up frustrations from previous statements but I can't seem to peel them without them breaking horribly. I just want an egg salad sandwich for lunch and I'm winding up with yolk with a few white flecks and crumbled shells with whites stuck to them. I'm gravely disappointed.

3. I need to go to Ben Franklin today to get some more yarn. Charlie's birthday blanket is almost done. I got this stuff called Pound of Love yarn and it's a pound of yarn. It's a LOT of yarn. But it's not really that much because it can't even make a full blanket. I also need to get some tan so I can make him his pug dog. Yeah, I found a how-to-crochet a pug free pattern. Woo!

4. I found the most spectacular couch cover on eBay and drapes. All cheap. Cheaper than if I were to make it myself. So now I gotta keep an eye on my bids and hope all goes well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party April 15, 2009

I was fortunate enough to get involved at the last minute in the Northern Nevada Tax Day Tea Party and help out with the sign making process. Today we went down to the protest itself but we had to look at a car first cos Jesse was debating getting this 1967 Ford Galaxie. He actually wound up buying it today and didn't go to the protest and just drove home. Anyway, the protest was incredible. There was a turnout of a little over double what was expected. Everyone remained civil and everything was great. I got all happy cos some lady brought a huge stack of Obama Deception dvds she burned and left them on the tables and I was like, "Alex Jones! Alright!" and I gave her a high five. There was a huge amount of support from cars passing down the street. Anyway, it turned out to be real great. Charlie fussed and we left a little early. I got him lunch and now he's sleeping. The end. Hopefully there's another tea party on 4th of July, or better yet, we don't need to do one because something gets done about this before then. So now picture time...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 10 reasons I'm happy to stay in Reno another year

1. Friends! Yah, I got some out here I do enjoy spending time with. As does Charlie. I know it would be sad and lonely for him to leave his friends behind and find new ones. Quite frankly, I don't think he can replace his guy buddy Owen Dude.

2. Taco Johns. I love me some potato oles. Like big time. Sure, they're just tator tots with seasoned salt dipped in nacho cheese sauce, but dude, they're awesome. Utah does not have a Taco Johns.

3. Clients. Jesse has built up a faithful following of gunsmithing clients and is starting to get referrals. I believe in a year these numbers will go up. In all honesty, I could see him getting a serious business from this in 5 years and keeping his job at Sportsman's simply for health insurance purposes. That alone is reason to stay here.

4. The 20 minute rule. I have always lived in places with what I call 20 minute rules. That rule being that no matter where you need to go, nothing is further than 20 minutes from you. With that in mind, we're about 20 minutes away from good fishing and shooting spots.

5. The 10 minute rule. Just like the 20 minute rule, this applies for things in town. Apparently, where we live, we're about a 10 minute or less drive to anywhere in town.

6. Walkability. Our neighborhood gets an 83 out of 100 on walkability. And I will vouch for this as someone who went a good year and a half without a car, that this is very true. I love living somewhere that if I don't feel like driving, I can go and do what I need to do by walking there.

7. It's just a fun place. There's lots of things to do in town and 50% of the things to do are dirt cheap, 25% of them are free, and the other 25% are about what it would cost to do other things back home. There's always something going on.

8. It's a small(er) town. If you do good, you get a reputation for good stuff. If you suck, you get a reputation for sucking. People get to know you. It's nice to not be a nameless face in a crowd.

9. People are involved. People out here actually pay attention to things that happen in life and care about issues that affect them from the environment, health, economy, politics, activism, etc. I've never lived somewhere that people were sincere about their causes and not just using them to be fashionable or get ahead in life. I do love that sincerity and dedication that people have out here.

10. It's our home. Yeah, Jesse and I grew up in Southern California, but we made our home in our tiny apartment out here two years ago and our son was born out here and this is his home. This is where he grew up and where he lives. We get a house out here (sure it's just a rental but it's a house!) and we make the best of what we have. We have done well for ourselves considering our circumstances, the challenges we've faced and look forward to tackling any problems the future might bring head on and triumphing as we've done so already.

The end.

Fantastic amazingness!

1. I chuckle at kids shows occasionally with ultimate sincerity. This morning, I was washing dishes and I had Charlie in his little exersaucer. He was watching Wonder Pets and giggling up a storm. I had no idea what was so funny and I turned around to see him thoroughly enjoying the show. Very cute. But what made me laugh was the situation. Ok, for those of you who have never seen the show, it's a guinea pig, a duckling, and a turtle that look like photos animated in a stop-motion cutout sense, but they always save animals in trouble. Today they were saving, and here's where I laugh, a unicorn. His problem? His horn was stuck in a tree. Bwahahahaha. The absurd adult part of me who tries to find logic in things wonders what the hell this unicorn was doing that it got it's horn stuck in a tree. I think they might have explained it but I wasn't paying that close of attention.

2. I finally checked out the fabric store on Plumb and Kietzke. I have seen it for a good two years and wondered what it's all about. I can say if you are ever making drapes and want to spend from little to not a lot on fabric, their selection is epic. I saw about three dozen fabrics I would die to grace my windows with, unfortunately, none of the ones in there were what I was looking for. You see, at this point in time, I have what I believe to be a very specific idea of what I want our living room to look like and in the end, there were really only 2 fabrics that would work for what I want and even still, I wasn't 100% head over heels with them and I'd rather just go with this one I found online as that is the most relevant to my design concept and color scheme.

3. I was just about to go on the computer and check the crime statistic map of our neighborhood when I hear a loud pop! outside. It was very close and not too loud and what we could best explain as a "small caliber" if it were a gun. Now, for the good news, even if it were a gun, according to the crime statistics, there have only been 6 crimes in our neighborhood in the last year and the good thing is there aren't any near where we're moving. They're more to the north of where we'll be living. Woo. Funny cos I remember a few months back I checked the statistics for the last year and there were way more crimes. So my theory about our neighborhood getting better is more than just a theory and a truth. Huzzah!

There was another thing I wanted to mention but can't quite think of off the top of my head right now. Oh well.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend?

No. They are not. Krylon is a girl's best friend. True story.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm on a mission!

Our apartment is pretty lame. There's no sense of style to it. It basically looks like the type of living space thrown together at random by some po' folk. Well now that we'll be moving into a house in May, I'd really like it to look less hodgepodge and more stylish. That being said, I'm not going to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to create a chic living space, but rather make a mission of trying to create a designer on a budget look. I'd really like to do as much DIY stuff as possible. I will be hunting for interesting stuff at yard sales, free stuff on Craigslist, and utilizing spray paint like it's going out of style. I believe that you can have awesome for the cost of nothing but in our tiny apartment, we never really made that effort. We do need to invest in some furniture goods like an entertainment stand, a bookshelf, and kitchen table. Plus we need curtains. I'd like to use amazing colors that pop at you and my favorite color combos that occur in nature. Think gourds. Lots of earth tone greens, coppery oranges, and yellow ochers. Anyway, I do hope everything looks good in the end, but ultimately, I doubt it will because nothing I ever do turns out the way I envision it in my head. Greatness occurs there and turns out like crap in reality so oh well. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The stars were all aligned...

So remember that little blue rental home we saw that I fell in love with? I called to set up an appointment to view it this morning and found out someone put a deposit on it yesterday. I was heartbroken. Devastated, even. I decided to view the other rental home. I go and check it out and it's a total dive. Horrible, actually. I told the guy renting the home if the person who put the deposit flakes to call us immediately because I was in love with the house. Maybe it was the fact I had a son who was a few months younger than his daughter or the fact the other potential tenant was a flake, but he tells me that if I really want it, he'll work with us. The lady gave him a deposit, but he said it was a post-dated check and was only for $100 and the security deposit was $400. He was being nice to her to help her out and let her do the check, even though she wanted to move in this Friday. Long story short, after a phone call with Jesse at work and doing mental math in my head of our financial situation, it turns out we can totally pull this off without being completely broke. Obviously I'll ride off my unemployment as long as possible and put some money aside since our monthly expenses (with everything rounded up to the highest $10 including rent, cable, utilities, insurance, food, gas, misc.) will be about $1800 and between me and Jesse's current income, we have about $2300, so we're fine till my unemployment runs out, which, I believe I qualify for another extension with California, and if not, I still can collect through Nevada with an extension, so worst case scenario, this gets us to the end of the 6 month lease we'll be taking out. After that period, maybe we'll be financially in a good spot, or I'll go back to work in evenings or full time during the day if I can find a place that pays enough. Long story short, tomorrow we sign our lease and May 1 we move in. Charlie gets his own room for his birthday. Happy Birthday, Charlie. This is the best present Mommy and Daddy can give you: a home with a yard. Mommy will get you your Wheelie Bug to ride around on. I promise.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I swear I'm not a creep!

I had to take pics of the house we're looking into renting. It's just too cute! We've decided we will be applying to move there just not sure when. We kinda need the $1200.


Right now is a weird phase of limbo for Jesse and myself. Most notable is the fact that we are not sure what's going on with where we are going to live in the next few months. Do we still move to Utah knowing there's no chance in hell we'll get a job transfer out there? Or do we stay in Reno where there's a possibility Jesse's work could close? If we move to Utah, there's better gunsmithing job opportunities for Jesse, but if we do move out there, it would be like moving out here in which we have no idea what's going on, where we'd be and it would be starting over all over again. If we stay out here, we need a new place. As of right now, while Utah was a desired scenario, Reno is still looking like the better contender. We have found a place we both like a lot out here. It's actually 3 blocks away from where we live now. It's $250 a month more than what we pay now, but we figure with some creative budgeting, we can make it work out. Did I mention the place is a house with washer/dryer hook ups that pays for all utilities except gas and electric, which is what we pay for now? OK, well it is. I'm not gonna lie, I am totally in love with the place based off of an external view of it: it has a front yard with a tree (possibly a fruit tree?), a small lawn, shrubs, a walkway, driveway to a back yard that's fenced in with a chainlink fence where Lulu could run around. Inside there's two big windows in the living room as well as a swamp cooler, the bedroom has access to the bathroom, the kitchen looks big. I'm completely smitten by this place. Anyway, I guess at this point we're considering staying in Reno for another year at the most unless we hear back from any of those jobs in Utah, which at this point, isn't looking very likely.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mrs. Bloom

Since the afternoon I had been deciding on taking a bath tonight. I couldn't wait till Charlie was in bed so I could lay in the warm water, melting to sleep. Instead, the evening panned out more of me cooking as usual, a headache and Charlie waking early. Jesse rocked him and I took my bath first. Jesse did mention he wanted a bath but told me I could take mine first because he's such a fabulous guy as such. I managed to make the water too hot for my liking, feeling every pore in my legs open as wide as possible all at the same time. My knee caps turned bright red and I could even feel my asshole burning a little. Oddly enough, in this discomfort there was something relaxing, as if a numbing effect like the kind you get when you get a shot of novacaine before you get a filling. In this process my muscles relaxed. I covered any part of skin not submerged in water with damp washcloths. The space heater sat on the toilet full blast in my direction creating a sauna effect. I could actually feel myself sweating under my towels and little beads rolling behind my ears to the back of my neck. As I laid there, I started to over heat and did as seals do and let certain parts of my body out to cool my overall body temperature down. My right leg, which was parallel to the wall, was lifted out straight slightly along the wall using the other side of the wall directly in front of me as a prop for my toe. The other leg, which was on the free side of the bath tub, was more at a 90ยบ angle spread out and almost hanging over the ledge of the tub. I sat there thinking about how sex could be a good idea tonight but at the same time I was just too tired to even think of doing any physical activity outside of picking up a cup. I called Jesse. Three times. Just as I called him a fourth time he entered. Was this a subtle hint to see if he felt up to sex? I don't know. I guess part of me was waiting for a response from him. Instead, I asked him to get me something to drink. What? I dunno, wine or beer. I knew he'd bring me wine. I knew he'd bring me white wine. I hate white wine and really only have it here in the house for cooking or if anyone likes whites. I feel it's always nice to have a variety of beverages and as odd as it may sound at any given time have somewhere between 4 or more non-alcoholic beverage choices from sodas, juices, water, and a red and white wine choice, as well as beer and our usual Jack. Oddly enough, we rarely touch the Jack and a bottle can last us a year or longer, but it's one of those weird things that it's nice to have should you need it. Jesse comes back with a glass of white wine. I was right! I so called that one! I take a sip for validation in front of him as if rewarding his good deed even though in my head I am dreading his decision. I should have just told him flat out what to get me instead of trying to be coy and cute. Oh well. The wine doesn't taste that bad. I remember having a glass not too long ago and not really enjoying it much. But not now. This time it tastes sweeter and less oaky. Was this still the Chardonnay? Or the Pinot? Wait, did I get a pinot? Or did I get a Cabernet Blanc? Crap. No point stressing out over technicalities at this point. It's good and I like it. I take a sip, each time less reluctant than the last. I debate whether chocolate would be good with this because there's a Reese's Peanutbutter cup on the coffee table for me, but that doesn't do me any good in the bath. I'm trying to think of what kind of pie to make if I'm here for the fair again this summer. I have so many ideas for pies it's sort of sickening. I toyed with making a pie cookbook that's just variations of apple pie recipes. I gotta come up with something spectacular and I'm thinking something totally outlandish like an upside down Dutch apple pie. How wild would that be? Crumb topping as the bottom crust and pastry as the top? I'm sure serving it would be an issue in itself but if it works for cheesecakes, why not this? Would that still be considered a pie? I figure as long as some form of pastry is made and incorporated with it, it's still a pie? I could be wrong. Jesse comes in and asks how my bath is. Fine. He tells me he's not up to sex. He's too tired. Ok, thank you for confirming that. I'm too tired too. But at least now I know for sure he's on the same wavelength. I suppose that's part of why we're so good together: we seem to always know what the other is thinking without ever saying anything. Then again, it's kind of hard to not know what someone wants when they're sitting bare naked with their legs completely spread apart in the bath or if you turn around and there's a penis in your face. Although I guess being blatant is what works for us. No harm in that, right? I feel like I have to pee and I know Jesse is going to bed now. I sit with my glass in hand, resting on my tummy that is poking out of the water like a little island in the peninsula of my boobs and legs. I watch as the condensation on the glass drips into the water and can feel a little bead of urine hiding under my skin not ready to come out. Jesse comes back in and I confess my need to pee. I tell him I'm blogging in my head and he gives me a look of uncertainty as if he doesn't quite know how to respond to that. He leaves. Not too long after, I pull the drain and I get that pee out. There was more than I thought. I dry off, put on my jammies and do my 'puting for the night. Jesse comes out as I start this blog and questions, "Mrs. Bloom?" Yes. It's a Joyce reference. This would all make sense to you if you know what I'm talking about. Yes, yes, you would, yes.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I want a new church

Maybe it's the fact it's the Easter season, I don't know. I'm not looking to change religions. I'm still very Catholic and happy here. But I just haven't found a church out here that I like. I seriously miss my old church back home. There's a Catholic church down the street from me but it's very televangelistesque [teh-lu-van-juh-lis-tic-ehsk] (wow! The most absurd looking and probably hard to say word ever made up!) and I'm more a fan of traditional. For starters, I greatly, and I seriously have an issue with thiis, dislike the design of the church. It's set up like an ampetheater and seems like it would be better suited for hosting plays by Shakespeare than Sunday mass. The only other Catholic churches I ever went to aside from my old parish that I liked was this one in Hollywood and San Felipe de Neri in Old Town Albuquerque. Anyway, I've been trying to find a church out here that I like. I'm thinking of trying St. Thomas. We'll see.

Couldn't hurt, right?

I'm seriously considering spending $650 to take a bartending course out here and an additional $19 to get my alcohol awareness certification. From my understanding the certification looks like a federal thing that is good anywhere. As for bartending school, it's through some state casino training school that teaches you to bartend, deal for various games, etc. You can take one specific course or as many as you want. How fun would that be? Worst case scenario I have a fun new skill and become the most popular person at parties haha.

Just when you thought you weather was weird...

We wake up with snow. This is completely bizarre for me because yesterday was totally a lovely day outside. The day before that, I spent much of it going for walks. What gives? Really? So odd. But I'm guessing this is the last snow we'll see for the year and I know we need it.

Tomorrow is a gun show, so I think I might do laundry at some point today or hold off till Monday. We'll see what happens.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Because it doesn't always have to be about something

I've decided to dabble in portraits again after many a long period of nothing much. I used to do a lot of acrylic/oil stuff, but taking time into consideration and the fact it's probably not the best of ideas to expose my son to the harsh chemicals I can't smell and have no idea of how bad they can be in the 580 square feet of what we call "home", I have dabbled in water colors again. The last time I used water colors seriously was in high school. Seriously. I think that was the point I finally figured out what I was doing with them. But I am happy to say that in my water coloring, I do feel very in my element. After all, I am a water bearer by birth. Anyway, I am going to start stealing random photos of my friends and painting them at random and maybe, just maybe, you will get a portrait surprise. Reason being: I want to build a portrait portfolio so I can try to make some money on the sly from vain people who want something to put in their homes while doing something I enjoy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Could this be???

By some grace of God, I have found a piano for $50 on Craigslist. It was recently tuned but the owner pegs it as being "ugly" and that's it's only flaw. I am more than willing to drive out to it's location with Jesse, which isn't too far away, pick the thing up, and keep it in our back yard covered under a tarp till we move if that's what it takes for me to get a piano again. I said if it's ugly enough I will spray paint it green or some other totally absurd non-piano color. Seriously, it's like angels are doing it in heaven to let me come across such a find. I wanted to get Charlie a toy piano for his birthday but at this point now, if this one exists, I might just go back with the Wheelie Bug (or get him his own piano and him and Mommy can duet!) I dunno. I'm so excited to find out more about this!