Saturday, April 18, 2009

The bad dream with Lulu

I can't believe I never got around to blogging about this yesterday!

I had this bad dream in which Jesse and I were at this house on this pond. The pond had this weird high tide/low tide thing and at the end of the day, the water went down and these big rats the size of Lulu were coming out. They started causing problems and Lulu was trying to get them. We went inside the house and locked the door to keep them out. The ghost of the son of the people who owned the house was causing an uncomfortable presence that made everyone in there very uneasy. I don't know the people, all I know was they had like 4 kids from 8 to 16ish. Things started getting intense outside and we heard lots of commotion and horrific roaring growls. We looked outside and Lulu was gigantic, like the size of a 2 story building. Her eyes were all huge and evil and her teeth were sharp with drool dripping from them. She looked ferocious but she was acting like Lulu when she gets all crazy wanting to play. Hahaha. We went into the basement for safety because the rats also got bigger, like the size of lions, and were trying to get into the house. The next thing we know everything stops and we go outside. I try to kill a rattlesnake and get it's head off. I dunno it was a weird dream that made no sense and contained 3 of my constant dream elements: water, ghosts, and snakes. Four if you want to count a weird house that I've never been to in my life but probably exists somewhere.

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