Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cinco de Mayo isn't complete without a low rider parade

Last year around this time, I was pregnant as heck about to pop and in a lot of pain but managed to get Lulu to walk with me around Fiesta on Wells to check out what was happening. Fiesta on Wells is a yearly Cinco de Mayo festival held the week BEFORE Cinco de Mayo that has a bunch of vendors on Wells in front of their businesses trying to promote their services (a type of economic stimulus plan I'd like to see more of) and they have raffles, parades, stuff for kids, live music, and all sorts of ruckus. It's not exactly something I would go to if I didn't live in the neighborhood, but since I can just walk one block over and I'm there at the festivities, I don't mind going cos it is free. Last year I missed the parade but this year I was in for a treat! I got Jesse to bring Charlie and I took Lulu and we watched it.

The best part of the parade is they'll let just about anyone be in there. It started off like any regular parade - color guard, a grand marshal, a parade queen. Then comes the lowriders. That's right, lowriders. Because no parade celebrating Mexican culture is set without stereotypes of lowriders and gagnsta trucks.

And while we're on stereotypes in a parade, there's pitbulls. Actually, it was the humane society walking dogs for adoption. They just happened to have all pit mixes and one chiahuahua. Again, stereotypes.

Next comes the Mariscos fish truck with the big yellow fisherman on it. I've never eaten there but I hear they're the place to go for authentic Mexican fish. My favorite is the fact they have crabs and other sea critters on a mid-90's Nissan pick up truck and the lights on the back are taped over because the plastic is missing!

But lets get back to stereotypes! After Mariscos comes the cholo bikes. I kid you not! At first I wasn't sure if some homies got lost and accidentally got on the parade route, but then I realized, no they're just part of the parade. And they were the segue into what I think was the Reno Bike Project

Then there was this odd character. While there's a parade and all sorts of excitement to photograph, weirdo art kid is taking photos of the floor. That's right, the floor. Why? I don't know.

After that, the parade goes on to a typical cultural heritage celebration with the Aztec tribal dancers...

But then it takes a turn for the weird again with what appears to be some sort of Ultimate Fighting school for kids. Kids are walking down the street in boxing shorts and fight gear beating the crap out of each other for real. It was disturbingly amusing.

Then comes a Mexican group being pulled on a trailer from the back of a pick up truck. I think this was an attempt at a float but whatever it was, I loved that beat up pick up trucks were incorporated in so many of the ride concepts of the parade.

And then it was wrapped up with 50 something horses with Mexican cowboys and the horses were all very cute and some even danced.

Anyway, that was Fiesta on Wells. Good times.

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