Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The day in review

1. I was invited to go to Moana Nursery and Walmart to look at plants today and after take Charlie to play with his buddy Owen riding Owen's new birthday toys. I agreed to go under the pretense we would run into the ice cream truck and get Oreo Cookie Bars and it would be fabulous. Everything was great but the ice cream truck never showed up and that ruined everything for us. Kinda.

2. I came home and Charlie and Lulu were both completely beyond naughty. The two of them were getting into all kinds of trouble. Charlie climbed onto the couch while I was trying to trim his nails and fell and hit his head on the computer table and now has a knot and screamed bloody murder but at least he had reasoning to do so and I never got to finish trimming his nails because of it.

3. Lulu got groomed and what not because she's going to the vet tomorrow. She was very badly behaved after and ran around the house and I tripped on her and she was part of the reason Charlie hit his head because her craziness threw him off his guard.

I guess I'm just tired and frustrated but at least everyone is in bed and situated in time for American Idol. I hope my kiddos are better behaved tomorrow and I hope Charlie's bump goes away soon. Poor little guy.

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