Friday, April 17, 2009

Dear God, where's my tape measure?

So I have this measuring tape. It's blue. It's plastic. It has random markings on it from the years I've used it for sewing and every other purpose in which one would need a measuring tape. I'd say I've had the thing for at least 17 years. I got it in a sewing kit I got for Christmas when I was a kid. For every moment of my life, I could always account for its whereabouts. At any given time, I knew where it was, even if I wasn't using it or didn't need to. Well, a few nights ago I needed to use it. I had used it earlier in the day and now, well, it's missing. I searched up and down the house and could not find it. Part of me is freaking out in a weird OCD I can't find what I need and I always know where it's at way, the other part is saying get a new one but is sad because this was a relatively nice measuring tape and as stated before, I've had it for at least 17 years that I can think of. Getting a new one would be pretty heart breaking. Anyway, yeah, I'm pretty bummed and freaking out over this. Maybe I'll find it when we move? I found everything else in this place that's gone missing from dog toys to binkies, just no sign of the measuring tape. Boo.

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