Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have one rule for the new house and that's that I absolutely do NOT want to see any tools or tool boxes or cleaners out in the open. Why am I so mad you ask? Oh, because Jesse went to the junk yard two days ago and never put his tool box up and he put it what he thought to be out of the way, which is in front of Charlie's crib by our bedroom door. I backed out and whack my ankle on the latch where you can hook up a lock, scraping a tictac size chunk of skin away. No bleeding, just that more painful than an open wound open raw skin thing and a bruised ankle. Needless to speak, if I see any tools in the new home I will probably chuck them across the room to who knows where. In fact, I'm kinda on the war path in terms of tools and my feelings of them in general right now. I'm over them. Here's a pic of my ankle. It's one of those cases it hurts a lot more than it looks.

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