Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Fair Game!!!

I am so looking forward to the fair again this year. As I toot all too frequently, last year I got a hair up my butt to enter the apple pie contest because I've been told I make a pretty good pie. Much to my surprise, I won 2nd place. So now I get all giddy when the fair comes around so I can enter again. I decided this year I will do an apple pie again (I'm thinking my crazy idea of the upside down Dutch apple pie) as well as a general pie contest (pumpkin pecan pie) and two oddball entries into the art competition of my gun tests. Anyway, I'm super excited. We'll probably get the season passes for all 8 days or whatever it is again so we can see the animals, demolition derby, and all that great stuff. I know a few people wanted to be my fair posse for the competition judging so if you're still up to it, let me know and I'll let know know where and when to meet up. Word!!!

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