Monday, April 6, 2009


Right now is a weird phase of limbo for Jesse and myself. Most notable is the fact that we are not sure what's going on with where we are going to live in the next few months. Do we still move to Utah knowing there's no chance in hell we'll get a job transfer out there? Or do we stay in Reno where there's a possibility Jesse's work could close? If we move to Utah, there's better gunsmithing job opportunities for Jesse, but if we do move out there, it would be like moving out here in which we have no idea what's going on, where we'd be and it would be starting over all over again. If we stay out here, we need a new place. As of right now, while Utah was a desired scenario, Reno is still looking like the better contender. We have found a place we both like a lot out here. It's actually 3 blocks away from where we live now. It's $250 a month more than what we pay now, but we figure with some creative budgeting, we can make it work out. Did I mention the place is a house with washer/dryer hook ups that pays for all utilities except gas and electric, which is what we pay for now? OK, well it is. I'm not gonna lie, I am totally in love with the place based off of an external view of it: it has a front yard with a tree (possibly a fruit tree?), a small lawn, shrubs, a walkway, driveway to a back yard that's fenced in with a chainlink fence where Lulu could run around. Inside there's two big windows in the living room as well as a swamp cooler, the bedroom has access to the bathroom, the kitchen looks big. I'm completely smitten by this place. Anyway, I guess at this point we're considering staying in Reno for another year at the most unless we hear back from any of those jobs in Utah, which at this point, isn't looking very likely.

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The Joo said...

Man I would go nuts in that situation. I can't stand not having a plan. I hope you get some solid plans sometime soon!