Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taxes, Eggs, and Drapes, Oh My!

1. I'm sick of people complaining about the whole tax issue. What did people do long before the days of taxes? How did our founding fathers have their roads taken care of? Long before police and armies we had militias of citizens who owned guns and armed themselves and were able to protect themselves. Our world has become so codependent and such a nanny-nation, that we forget our roots. We forget that at one time, we were capable of doing such things ourselves and not relying on others to do that and our thinking for us. And we didn't have problems with jobs. The only people who didn't have jobs were people who weren't willing to work. Really all these issues of taxes paying for this service and that service just came from the whole greed scene of Americans wanting more but in order to get more, they had to give. And greed never works out great in terms of anyone running anything. This can be seen in business today with the greedy owner who instead of rewarding their employees and taking care of them, expects them to work long hours with little vacation, crappy benefits, and then goes on month long vacations to Hawaii. Trust me, I wouldn't have issues paying taxes if I knew for sure my money was being spent on the right things, but I don't see any of that. And I am definitely not one of those "rich Republicans" I am being told I am by others. I'm an unemployed mom of one who is married to a man who makes a little over minimum wage. We're good at budgeting our money and happen to find little jobs here and there to make ends meet. We're not driving around in new fancy cars, with fancy clothes and things of the sorts. We're just your average run of the mill Americans who came from families with the work ethics of don't spend beyond your means and if you want something, work for it cos there's no such thing as a free lunch. And I don't want to hear about how bailing out the auto industry and others will help keep jobs in America because last I checked, most "American" cars have most of their mechanical parts outsourced and really the only parts "made" in America is the final assembly and even then, most corporations find that they can hire an illegal for half the cost of an American. Can you feel my outrage on this? And guess what, it's not me, but it's those greedy employers who are trying to cut corners and save money for themselves that outsource and hire illegals, the people you try to lump me in with, the people who you say deserve a bail out because doing so will keep jobs for Americans. I don't support illegals. I don't support big business. I don't support government fiscal irresponsibility. And I especially don't support you telling ME that I am one of THEM. I'm not. I am an American. I am what this country is about. I'm hard working. I don't have much, but I appreciate what I have. I do what I can to make ends meet. I help where help is needed. I don't succumb to greed and selling out. I am all for grass roots organizations and civil disobedience. If you want to call me a right wing extremist or terrorist or unpatriotic because I don't believe in paying more taxes so that corrupt politicians can get richer while we the people lose our rights every day and our country goes to hell in a hand basket, then by God, call me what you will. I know in my heart I am an American and no one can ever take that from me and if I have to affiliate myself with anything, I will affiliate myself with my forefathers who came to this country to escape tyrants, with nothing, establishing their homes from the blood, sweat, and tears; not these new pseudo dictators who tell us what to believe, what we can and can't do and how many vaccines to pump our children up with so we can all one day become zombie slaves to their new world order. OK, I got off topic slightly, but can you feel my anger here?

2. I am having serious issues peeling hard boiled eggs. Perhaps it's just pent up frustrations from previous statements but I can't seem to peel them without them breaking horribly. I just want an egg salad sandwich for lunch and I'm winding up with yolk with a few white flecks and crumbled shells with whites stuck to them. I'm gravely disappointed.

3. I need to go to Ben Franklin today to get some more yarn. Charlie's birthday blanket is almost done. I got this stuff called Pound of Love yarn and it's a pound of yarn. It's a LOT of yarn. But it's not really that much because it can't even make a full blanket. I also need to get some tan so I can make him his pug dog. Yeah, I found a how-to-crochet a pug free pattern. Woo!

4. I found the most spectacular couch cover on eBay and drapes. All cheap. Cheaper than if I were to make it myself. So now I gotta keep an eye on my bids and hope all goes well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Cyndie said...

Jenny, I peel my hard boiled eggs when they are hot. I tap and then gently roll them on the counter to crack the shell all around and because they are hot I usually peel them under a little bit of running water. Hope this helps. =)