Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 10 reasons I'm happy to stay in Reno another year

1. Friends! Yah, I got some out here I do enjoy spending time with. As does Charlie. I know it would be sad and lonely for him to leave his friends behind and find new ones. Quite frankly, I don't think he can replace his guy buddy Owen Dude.

2. Taco Johns. I love me some potato oles. Like big time. Sure, they're just tator tots with seasoned salt dipped in nacho cheese sauce, but dude, they're awesome. Utah does not have a Taco Johns.

3. Clients. Jesse has built up a faithful following of gunsmithing clients and is starting to get referrals. I believe in a year these numbers will go up. In all honesty, I could see him getting a serious business from this in 5 years and keeping his job at Sportsman's simply for health insurance purposes. That alone is reason to stay here.

4. The 20 minute rule. I have always lived in places with what I call 20 minute rules. That rule being that no matter where you need to go, nothing is further than 20 minutes from you. With that in mind, we're about 20 minutes away from good fishing and shooting spots.

5. The 10 minute rule. Just like the 20 minute rule, this applies for things in town. Apparently, where we live, we're about a 10 minute or less drive to anywhere in town.

6. Walkability. Our neighborhood gets an 83 out of 100 on walkability. And I will vouch for this as someone who went a good year and a half without a car, that this is very true. I love living somewhere that if I don't feel like driving, I can go and do what I need to do by walking there.

7. It's just a fun place. There's lots of things to do in town and 50% of the things to do are dirt cheap, 25% of them are free, and the other 25% are about what it would cost to do other things back home. There's always something going on.

8. It's a small(er) town. If you do good, you get a reputation for good stuff. If you suck, you get a reputation for sucking. People get to know you. It's nice to not be a nameless face in a crowd.

9. People are involved. People out here actually pay attention to things that happen in life and care about issues that affect them from the environment, health, economy, politics, activism, etc. I've never lived somewhere that people were sincere about their causes and not just using them to be fashionable or get ahead in life. I do love that sincerity and dedication that people have out here.

10. It's our home. Yeah, Jesse and I grew up in Southern California, but we made our home in our tiny apartment out here two years ago and our son was born out here and this is his home. This is where he grew up and where he lives. We get a house out here (sure it's just a rental but it's a house!) and we make the best of what we have. We have done well for ourselves considering our circumstances, the challenges we've faced and look forward to tackling any problems the future might bring head on and triumphing as we've done so already.

The end.

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