Friday, April 17, 2009

What's the female equvalent of a "douchebag"?

Today was a beautiful day for a gun show. As always, Jesse and I rounded up the family for the local gun show, this weekends being the Big Reno Show at Grand Sierra. Lots of people were out today. Parking was packed. People from all walks of life were there. There were a lot of people sporting Tax Day Tea Party wear and keeping the message alive and healthy. We got there 20 minutes after it opened and waited in line for about another 20 minutes just to get our tickets. When we got inside, we didn't bother to get ammo cos we're pretty well stocked up, but the line for that was outrageous! For starters, the ammo table is in the second room on the back wall in the middle and the line went from there to the end of the wall in the first room and down part of the other wall. So heads up to anyone thinking of going to buy ammo, you might wanna take a buddy so you can take bathroom breaks.

We ran into Dave the Jew at Meehanovitch Customs and he was bummed cos a friend of his who had some guns at his table sold more guns than he did. So the story goes. And we ran into Daggo, who we haven't seen in ages. He was there with two friends.

Jesse and I went to get a bite to eat and to take a break. We had been there a good hour. I was toting Charlie around in his possum pouch on my back and was in serious pain. We got a bite to eat at the 2nd St. Deli. We were sitting behind what I would call the female equivalent of a douchebag. This lady had the most artificial laugh ever that sounded like a mix of Fran Drescher and a seagull. At first I thought she was making fun of something, then I realized that was her actual laugh. They were talking very loud on cell phones and the one gal was talking to her friend about wanting to have a baby shower for her and she said she was going to set up a Facebook page for her baby shower. Jesse and I looked at each other and laughed and Jesse said, "Uh oh, do you feel a blog coming on?" Damned right I do! I took a paper out and started taking notes! Jesse was like, "You're taking notes?" I assured him that sometimes that's the only way I can remember copious details of absurdities. I then joked as if I were on a cell phone and her, "Grand Sierra. We're at Grand Sierra... Yeah, Grand Sierra..." Jesse chuckled. Not too long after that, she says for real, "Reno! We're in Reno right now. Yeah, Reno..." OH, SNAP! I so called it!

OK, so Jesse left to go to work and I went back in to browse the gun show a little longer. I was on a mission to get Charlie a gun. Actually, we were on this mission since I was 28 weeks pregnant and saw a cute JGA at Cabella's but never got it and of course never saw it again. I did, however, find a pretty nice little Winchester Model 67 little bolt action .22 for $85. I ran into Daggo again and he was looking for a charger for the AR he wanted to build. I asked him to go with me for his professional opinion of his soon-to-be Godson's first gun. He checked it out and there were two there he said would be good but I liked the Winchester and he said it was the better of the two. I talked the dealer into letting me have it for $75 and yeah, Charlie has a gun now for when he's older and he also has a matching vintage Winchester raglan shirt I got him a few gun shows back. I have a feeling he can get them both at the same time, I'm saying, 5 year old birthday? I figure by then he'll be old enough to learn how to shoot, so yeah.

Walking back to the car was pretty interesting. Charlie was in his possum pouch riding on my back. I was holding my big ol' purse on one hand and a .22 rifle in the other. I had my Gadsden shirt on and usual scowl Jesse says I have perpetually. Granted, I was happier than heck to find a gun for my son. As I walked out an old man working at GSR asked how busy the gun show was. I guess he wanted to check it out on his lunch break. I told him it was pretty swamped but the line to get in (by then it was noon) was gone. He seemed relieved. Then when I got outside in the parking lot on my way to my car, two guys said that Charlie and I were a "good looking family." I suppose that was because of the woman, child and rifle. People like seeing the whole family involved. After all, they should. Where else in the world will you see not only men with the right to own guns, but women as well? Just another thing that makes me proud to be an American. Anyway, we'll be going back tomorrow and I'm sure Jesse will want to look at the rifle when he gets home. I called him at work to tell him about it.

The end.

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