Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Awesome!

I went to the ASPCA Walk for Animals today. I walked around Sparks Marina. Got a t-shirt and goodie bag full of things. Then I bought a $1 raffle ticket and won one of the grand prizes: one night stay and a show at either Harvey's or Harrah's at Lake Tahoe, valued at $200. For fun, I entered me, Charlie and Lulu in the pet-look-alike contest and we got second place, which was $5 for some Mexican fast food place and a bunch of stuff for Lulu all in a cute purple nylon bag with paws and a fun 2nd Place ribbon. Long story short, I had an awesome morning. Now we're at home finishing up cleaning for the weekend and just enjoying being home.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I am so over cleaning

I came on to blog about how I hate cleaning when I saw an update on my subscriptions of photos from Alissa's trip to Europe (finally, like ages later.) That was interesting to look at. Anyway, I am so over cleaning. I feel like I've been doing nothing but that lately. Cleaning the new house to get things situated. Cleaning the old apartment to get that situated. Cleaning the new house again now that everything is out of the old apartment. I am done. Over. The end. No more. I feel like all I've been doing is cleaning and I'm so tired of it I want it to be done already.

Pet of the Week and Wednesday's Child

A friend of mine wrote a blog about a family she knows who are looking for an adoptive child and it made me think about two things: Pet of the Week and Wednesday's Child.

Pet of the Week is a think out here where they have a pet at the humane society on the news for show and they're the feature animal they're trying to adopt out. A friend of mine went out to a pet store and saw a cat they liked and they told her the cat was the Pet of the Week. She then said that the humane society told her that to be Pet of the Week means that if the animal does not find a home by Sunday of that week, it will be put down.

So that made me think: does the same thing happen with Wednesday's Child? ::insert cynical *snort* here::

I'm an asshole. I know. I had to make that joke in poor taste.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cloth diapers are like crack for mothers who like to sew

So much truth to that. I went back to cloth diapering because there was this period where it was more cost efficient to go to disposable diapers because we were going to the laundromat and I had to double up prefolds to keep Charlie from leaking, but now that we have a washing machine and I can just run the loads whenever and not worry about it being an ordeal to get the diapers, get in the car or get the stroller, walk and lose out 3 hours of my day to wash, dry, and fold at the laundromat, well, needless to speak it's pretty stupid to NOT cloth diaper anymore. On that note, Charlie is in cloth again. However, only 3 of his old covers fit still, so I have to make new ones. Drag, right? Not really. I really like the way the PUL works on the inside but I don't feel like ordering it online and having it mailed, etc. etc. So I got quirky and bought some costume pleather. I know it sounds really weird and wrong, but I swear it WILL work. Let's look at the pleather vs. PUL for a minute: they're both water proof, they both have a right and wrong sewing side, they're both thin and easy to manage, they're both wearable and weird at the same time. So really, there's no issue other than the fact the pleather is an ugly color (grey - it was either that or red or blue and grey seems to go best with the fabrics I chose.) Anyway, I'm just going to make a few new covers and stick with doubling up the prefolds. I got some disgustingly cute fabrics too ranging from dogs, forest animals, skulls, trees, and cupcakes (I know Chrissy will die when she sees that one!) Off to sewing, yee!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the cittyyyyyy...

I went to Michaels to get some shirts to screen print on. Not the best luck on my first shot. Some of my design is too small and my squeegee is kinda crappy. I need a better one to get the quality work I am shooting for. Anyway, on my way home, I see this guy in a full on business suit sans blazer shaking a sign for Salvation Army straight up dancing and having the gnarliest sweat stains on his shirt. But the part that made it better was the car next to me was bumping that song In the City, otherwise known as the theme from the movie The Warriors. It was incredible!

A bittersweet goodbye

Today I wrapped up cleaning the old apartment. We are officially out. I was happy we moved to the new home but my heart holds on to the old apartment. This was my first home away from where I was raised. The home I made with my husband. Where our son spent his first year. This was our home for two years. I loved it at first sight and still do. I will miss my Wilson place.

Gary and his "Worthless Piece of Bitch"

Last night, Jesse and I had bbq chicken for dinner. We got our bbq on Saturday, assembled it Sunday and have been bbqing dinners since. What can I say, we like it. Anyway, we were hanging outside talking about painting the cars and what not when we hear a lady arguing. She keeps going on and on and on about stuff like how the guy doesn't love her and thinks she's a whore and there may have been an issue involving stolen money. But the guy she was yelling at was named Gary. And it turns out Gary wasn't even there. He was on the phone. She would go from room to room telling Gary how he uses her and doesn't even love here and I wonder why someone would stay with someone begging them to stay if that's the case. If Gary doesn't love you, leave him. How great could he possibly be if he makes you do things he wants to do but never does things you want to do. The best was when she said, "I hope you're happy. You make me feel like a worthless piece of bitch." Piece of bitch, that's a new one to me. And the argument went on and on in an oh so familiar way of her getting all up in Gary's shit, Gary saying she's crazy, etc. etc. We just snickered with Nate and T-Dawg about the whole thing. Good times. Oh, our bbq chicken was really good too. We sat outside last night at the table and ate.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More love of the Oldsmobile

We have these neighbors behind us, Jesse calls them Nick and T-Dawg (the wiggers in Waiting...) Anyway, they look goofy but they're really nice guys who do their own thing and say hi and chat for a sec or two whenever they're out. They have this pitbull, Cocoa, who looks really mean but is pretty dopey and likes to play catch and sniff Lulu through the fence. Anyway, I swear, this gets to Oldsmobile love, hear me out:

Since we moved in, I've spray painted two items of furniture and some candle holders. Then, I did a clear coat on the gun test. Jesse sprayed some parts on his car to prevent rust damage or something. I'm convinced they must think we're obsessed with spray painting or something as we've only been here a few weeks and we're always shaking cans out back.

Anyway, in light of Jesse fixing rust spots on his car or potential rust damage spots, I looked at my car and noticed I have a few places that look questionable and thought I should do the same, but then took that step a little further and thought, "Maybe I should just paint my car." The idea has been with me for a while now, I've toyed with it, but never really made anything serious out of it till now. I have looked up online and see about the same response everywhere: sand, prime, sand, paint, sand, seal, sand, buff, admire. Seems like a lot of sanding and a lot of tedious work, but I have the time. What if, just what if, I were able to do this? I saw a really nice color scheme on a Plymouth Fury at Fiesta on Wells that I'd love to have on my car: basically the same butterscotch color body with a cream top. Jesse said under the vinyl top on my car is a metal body and I'm guessing a metal body that doesn't need to be sanded, so that's really only half the work involved, right?

In all honesty, my car runs great. Part of why I love him so much. With the exception of that air pump situation which was fixed, he has low mileage for his age, decent power for my needs, and the inability to let me down. At this point, there's really nothing more, in my mind (Jesse, has all sorts of ideas of what he'd like to do) to do except for cosmetic work. The other task at hand involves reupholstering him. I'm convinced with my abilities to sew and draft patterns, I can probably take measurements and figure out something to do in terms of seat covers and get a really shnazzy interior for him. Now there are things that are out of my control, like the dashboard and all that stuff, but I'm sure I can find a middle ground in terms of making him look like the car he was born to be. Maybe I'm being a little overzealous here, but, perhaps he might be fixed up in time for Hot August Nights? I could take him out cruising playing his theme song, To Hot To Stop by the Bar Kays (it's the song on the opening sequence of Superbad) down the strip or wherever the hell cars cruise during that shit. Oh, one could only dream...

I have plans for that car. Plans on a dime budget. Maybe it won't be one of those car magazine before/after quality but I'm sure it could be a design*sponge before/after as it would more or less be a form of art than it would mechanical. Ho hum.

Monday, May 25, 2009

If pictures are worth 1,000 words...

I think I need say no more here:

Yesterday I was spending a good part of the day that wasn't spent cleaning the apartment out working in the back yard. I finished getting all the weeds out of the lawn, cleared the weeds out of the space behind the patio, mowed the lawn, put down some grass seed, planted some more flowers, put down some bug killer pellets in the garden space and yea, I was out there a long time. When I was done, I bbq'd some chicken and corn for me and Jesse. He told me about how I had a sunburn and I didn't believe him till I saw myself in the mirror. I thought the marks on my back were the best. You can totally tell what kind of shirt I wore, where my bra strap was and that my tank top decided to ride up in the back. Classic. I don't hurt or anything (possibly because I'm so used to sunburns by now?) That's all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I welcome you little birdies!

I have been super paranoid of bugs since last week when it got hot and we had all these creepie crawlies appear out of the blue. And of course, last Monday we did the bug bomb in the house and crawlspace/basement and sprayed the house up and down with Ortho Home Defense. Well, yesterday, I bought some Ortho lawn granules to sprinkle all over the garden and lawn to kill all the bugs and did another spray around the house of the home defense. So far, so good. Now that their homes are becoming death camps, they're fleeing to the patio where little birds are swooping down on them and eating them, or they are being killed by the sun. I rewarded my little bird friends with a smart new bird feeder and some seeds in addition to their almost gone bird seed bell. Of course, this morning, while peeing, Lulu sees the birds and is chasing them trying to get them. It's pretty cute. There's no way she'll ever get one. But she tries.

So last night, I was drifting off to sleep and I thought of people who remarry after their spouses die. Most people's vows are "til death do us part", upon which they might remarry to fill the shoes of someone they no longer have in their life. Well, and maybe I'm opening a philosophical can of worms here, but what happens when you die? Do you become reunited in Heaven with two spouses? Should the vows go for all eternity instead? Point to ponder...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I just... I just...

Just wanna say how much I love my Oldsmobile. I haven't had such a profound love of a car since Li'l Truck. Yeah, he has no air conditioning (well he HAD AC till Jesse decided to undo it to get me better performance) and yea he's a little beat up looking inside, but when push comes to shove, he's a damned good car. I'm toying with going to the upholstery store and buying some gaudy outdoor furniture cushion fabric and making him some really awesome seat covers. I dunno. Anyway, I love that car. He loves me back. We're good buddies and shit. It's sweet. I wanna give him a hug when Charlie wakes up and it's time for me to go to the bank. Awww, Ollldsmobile. Three L's.

Is it too late to get PPD???

I think I was bit by the ppd bug at various points after Charlie was born and it comes and goes because frankly, I'm too cool to be depressed forever, it's more spurts. But Charlie is teething with molars now and has been a total butt for the last few days. On top of it all, I have a period. I'm tired. I'm bitchy. I have an apartment to clear out and clean by Monday and have a feeling Jesse is going to wait till the last minute to help with that. I got a little pissed off the other night when Jesse said to me, "I was thinking, for Father's Day, you can get me a maintenance manual for the Galaxie." Really? Father's Day is 3 or 4 weeks away and you're already telling me what you want me to get you even though Mother's Day just passed and again, I didn't get a card, a present, a breakfast or dinner or anything special other than being told Happy Mother's Day the day AFTER and you already know what you want me to buy you? Did that come off as too bitchy? The day after Mother's Day isn't Mother's Day, boog. I am feeling pretty annoyed that I don't get Mother's Days. Last year should have been my first one, but instead of going to breakfast, I got out of the hospital all ass late and ate their crappy styrafoam waffles and rubbery bacon and spent the rest of the day passed out on the couch. I didn't know it was possible to feel new mom tired after a year. I recall talking to someone recently about how you will never know tired till you are a new mom and wake up every 2 hours round the clock to feed your child which takes about 40 - 60 minutes and by the time you fall asleep again, it's time to feed again and you're just running off of who knows what. I didn't know that it was possible to feel that way again, but I guess now it is back. Charlie is getting molars and wakes up at night shrill screaming and I have the worst headache, I'm tired as hell and I could really use some sleep but alas, the time I'd relax just so happens to be the last weekend we have to clean the old apartment. I am so cranky right now. On top of it all, my sleeping problems, which I get so tired I can't sleep or I am afraid of the bugs I can't sleep. Do you know that I actually thought of the idea that there might be a demon or poltergeist or something connected to our house causing the bugs? But then I ruled that out because I don't get weird vibes about the place, if anything, I have yet to feel any weirdness. Well, I take that back. I do not like the basement/crawlspace. But I think anyone finds those places creepy. But I feel pretty comfortable in the rest of the home. Supposedly there's gonna be another real estate crash this summer. I was thinking it would be kinda neat if we could buy the house at a really low price. It's just an issue of qualifying for the loan. I've been looking at FHA loans and there's a possibility we might qualify for that as a first time home buyer. The one lender we talked to was a total bitch but she didn't mention FHA loans. She was just trying to pimp services with her company. I just gotta find out the direct source for getting a loan with the gov't (ugh) and maybe because they're so hard up with things they'd say ok to us? Who knows. All I know is FHA requires a 3.5% down payment and if we can get something really cheap, well, we be able to get that down payment. Back to things, though. I've been feeling down lately. Mostly I attribute it to being tired and unable to sleep. Funny how all things are connected. I'm gonna pee and lay in bed now. Separately. I'm not gonna pee in bed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, but there was some good today...

We had to get the water turned on in our names to avoid being without water. In doing so, there's a $25 set up fee and a deposit of $100 something dollars unless you have good credit or can get a previous utility company to write a letter of recommendation. So I just call up NV Energy to get them to forward a letter of recommendation. But I have a question for that as well because we got two bills, our old bill for the apartment and then the bill for the house. The bill for the house wanted a $160 deposit on it as well. I called and asked them if I had to pay for the deposit again because I thought it would just roll over. Apparently, the deposit amount I had before was rolled over to pay my old bill and I'd get a $53 credit from them. I'd then have to pay the $160 new deposit, but the lady looked and said because we were with good standing with them, that we don't owe the $160 deposit, just the amount for the new bill, which comes out to $32 plus a $53 credit, so we'd either have the $53 credited to the new bill/address or we pay the $32 and get a refund check for $53. So that's good. There's a chance we may not have any electric bill this month, which is totally cool. Woo hoo, right? Everything can't be completely bad...

I hate being lied to more than I hate being ignored

This is a follow up to a blog of a few days ago. We have an insect infestation in our home. We didn't notice this when we moved in because it was winter and they were all dormant and then when we got back from LA, it got hot and everyone started to come out. Last Friday, we had something like 20 queen ants come into our house. I was so freaked out I didn't sleep. I stayed up all night and spent Saturday like a zombie. Saturday night wasn't any different. Sunday, Jesse and I cleaned the house up and down and tried vinegar to get rid of the bugs but that didn't work. Instead it seemed to provoke them. By that point, we called the landlords twice or three times. We were supposed to get a call back from them on Friday and they never called. Monday we did a bug bomb and then sprayed around the outside of the house. That evening, we had more bugs coming inside the house to get away from the poison, not to mention get a chance to see all the black widow spiders we killed with the bug bombs and spray. Yeah, we had a ridiculous amount of black widows living under our house and around the outside. In addition, Friday we had someone say they were going to shut our water off. We called on that and the bugs and so many things and were told that it would all be taken care of. Today, our water gets turned off. I called the property manager and he acts surprised like, "Oh we paid the bill, why did they do that?" Hmm, well probably because I called the water company and they said that there was no person of service connected to this house. Finally, upset at the fact it's in the 80's today and I have a 1 year old son who has a fever and I'm not feeling too good myself, I get so mad I just call and get the water set up in my name because I NEED water and the property managers never called back in 20 minutes like they said they would. Again, I was lied to and ignored. They told us yesterday they would have an exterminator come out and no one has come out so far to look at the place and I wonder if this will be in the evening or what. Anyway, these people have broken their contract with us. Oddly enough, they don't even own the property anymore so really, our contract with them means nothing. So now what? I have no idea. I don't know if we stay here till the place gets sold to another investor or a home owner or till the sheriff comes and tells us we're being evicted because the home owner has the house foreclosed and no one tells us, I don't know. I just feel like I'm at my wits end right now but at the same time I'm pretty calm and collected as if I just don't even care I'm that mad. Anyway, I think the next step is filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau and Washoe County Health Department.

**** Later in the day ****

I get a call informing us that the water has been switched over to their names. Good. Also there is no exterminator yet but that one will come. Last, the window will be fixed by the end of the week. They claim all will be fixed by the end of the week. I'm not holding my breath on this.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

If Dio were a 50 year old woman...

He would be the lady across the street. Apparently, there's this lady across the street who looks like a female version of Ronnie James Dio. She's about the same size, build, and has the same hair and everything. It's crazy. So what's crazier, is she's one of those eccentric old people who no one knows anything about to my knowledge and that does weird things, ie, she just took a big grocery bag full of bird seed and sprinkled it in the street where the curb is in front of the vacant lot next to where her apartment is. Take in mind she was doing this at 7:30 in the evening. It's not dark yet, but it's definitely not bird feeding hours. Weird. OK, I'm gonna go water my lawn and maybe I'll see Ronette Jane Dio doing more weird stuff. Oh, she dresses like David Saint Hubbins from Spinal Tap too if it helps. You know, loose princely looking floral print shirts with fitted knit pants. Yeah. This woman is awesome.

Returning to the dark side

I decided this morning that since we no longer have to go to the laundromat, I'm going to go back to cloth diapering. I'm going to recycle some of the old diapers and try to make pocketed diapers using the prefolds as inserts. I'll do some sewing on one of Jesse's days off.


This morning was weird. Charlie was hanging out being pretty quiet and Jesse and I were laying in bed just watching the morning come. It was already pretty warm giving us a hint it would be a pretty hot day today. We decided a quickie would be a good idea, which turned into a not-so-quickie. After, I showered, Jesse took Charlie and got him breakfast. I was crampy the rest of the day and not feeling too hot. And the last time I went to the bathroom, I had a period. Which is totally weird because I haven't had regular periods since Charlie was born. I breastfed him for about a year (he was one when he was solely on cow's milk.) Anyway, I had maybe 3 periods postpartum. This is period number 4. So yeah, maybe this will be the return of regular periods now that he's weaned. I was kinda hoping Mirena would let me be period free but I guess I'm not that lucky. At least it's not horrendous like my first postpartum period was.

I've been delaying on these things lately...

I think having a house provides me with more work and less time to blog. And when I do have time to blog, I'd rather sit on my couch and enjoy the summer breeze and nice view than sit on the computer. Anyway, here's the last week in a nutshell:

Flew to LA for Charlie's birthday. Went to Kareoke at Hipster Bowl with friends. The guy was a total ass and Katrina almost got in a fight with him because he repremanded (sp?) her for using different names when it went down like this: Katrina signed up for a song, Alissa signed up for a song. When it was their turn, they went up together both times. Then, they wanted to sing a song together and just did a shortened version of both of them to save space. He gets mad telling them they're using different names trying to trick his system and long story short the guy is a tool and kareoke should be first come first serve, not randomly automated by some gay ass computer. We wound up bowling afterward instead and still had a really good time I think.

The next day was Charlie's birthday and he had a wonderful time. Lots of presents. Lots of cake. Lots of food. Everyone was shocked at how much he eats but what can I say, the boy is a pie waggon. Being 1 is hard work.

We flew home Sunday and have been hanging out at the house since. I've been working on the garden, still, trying to get the lawn to cooperate with me but it just looks at me like I'm some kinda damned idiot. Stupid lawn. I'd love to get some summer grass going but I think it may be too late to do that. I got Charlie a kiddie pool with one of his b-day gift cards because last summer he went swimming and well, he likes swimming... a LOT. So I got that set up earlier in the week but it was still too cold. Yesterday I checked it just out of curiosity and it was perfect, but I left it uncovered and it got full of plum tree leaves. So today I emptied it and cleaned it and I'm refilling it in hopes that tomorrow when it's supposed to be 95ยบ, it'll be clean and nice and warm and we can all go in there. I'm wishing I had a bbq right now cos I'd totally bbq hot dogs or something tomorrow. Oh well.

Anyway that's about where things are at right now.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away

I am beyond frustrated at our property management company right now. Here's a little back story. I should have known they were shady when they allowed us to get the home when we had the full deposit plus first month's rent and took us over some other lady who gave them a post dated check for the deposit to hold for her till she got the rest of the deposit amount. OK, they tried to do her a favor but in the end, we make better renters because we have funds and they give us the house instead. We sign the lease and they tell us that they *might* be changing investors later on. Not a long term time frame of how later on but they say that we would just make our rental checks to another company and not theirs and that they own the house 50/50 with the home owner but that might change. We get the keys and move in and about 5 days after we're in the house, a property assessor comes to look over it and get info on it because they will be selling the house and the house behind us which is on the same lot (it's a shared lot but split properties and renters.) The realtor tells us that they are opening the sale up to investors but home owners as well. Home owners! That means if a home owner buys this house we need to move. She also tells us they are going to do a short sale. Apparently, whoever bought this house got in over their head with things and can't afford it and is willing to get less than they paid to avoid foreclosure or whatever issues might come up. Again, something I would have LOVED to have known when we signed the lease as I wouldn't have signed it if I knew that! So, two weeks in, we have ants and spiders coming in here like crazy. The ants I've kinda taken on and tamed and the spiders, well, Jesse says that's a huge problem, I've only seen one since we moved in, so I'll take his word on that. My oven has no oven rack. I was supposed to get one. And there's a crack in the window in Charlie's room that was supposed to have been fixed last week and never happened. With the exception of the ant/spider thing, all other issues were addressed at lease signing and we were told we would have it taken care of and it is not yet taken care of. We've had our keys for a little over two weeks. Two days ago I call about the ants. No one returns my call. This morning, the water company comes to turn our water off because there's no services at this home. Apparently someone had the water scheduled to be shut off. Which is real interesting because one of the perks to us renting here is that the landlords pay water, sewer and trash. We just pay electric and oil. So I don't know if that was something they just stopped paying or scheduled to shut off because no one was living here, but the vibe I get from this property management company is that we call them, they ignore us. Our maintenance guy doesn't get paid to take care of the place because they no longer own the property 50/50. He needs to talk to the home owner to discuss this. What the hell is there to discuss!? We have a lease with terms that are being broken. I feel like we're dealing with some shifty people and I'm furious because we're situated and happy and now we have all this crap going on!? UGH!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally the gov't does something right!!!

They actually LOOKED out for me!!! Yeah, so if you've been following the saga of me hating Sallie Mae and William D. Ford trying to buy my loan out from them, you'll know I spent 5 months trying to get this damned thing to happen. I kept checking my loan status and it said my information was unavailable. Today I got a letter in the mail from William D. Ford stating that they WILL BE CONSOLIDATING my loan and I will be paying $230 a month for 240 payments to pay off my student loans. (That's 20 years if you're interested.) I know it seems like a long time. It seems even longer to think my college education (which got me nowhere if you as me) will be paid off by the time I'm 47, but hey, considering it took me only 1 year to screw up my credit for life, 3 years to rack up almost $50,000 in student loan debts and 9 years to fix my credit to a point of having almost no more things in collections, I'm pretty proud to finally have at least ONE loan in my name in good standing. I feel like a total tool who got in over my head cos I totally believed every piece of shit banker who handed me out cards, without looking at fine print or taking time to think how I'd pay for stuff, but whatever. That's past. Now is the time to move on and try to get things in a position where we can one day buy a house and then say fuck you to all credit completely so we can just go back to our cash system and not worry about that shit ever again. I hate credit. What ever happened to not judging books by their covers? We're told to look into someone before judging them but you are judged soley by some bullshit number that no one knows how to understand anyway. What the hell is this shit for getting points docked for having credit cards for emergencies and not using them? Fuck credit. Thanks William D. Ford for chewing out Sallie Mae's asses and getting them to allow you to buy my loan out from their tool asses and moreso, for getting that second collection agency they hired off my ass. Thanks guys!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kentucky Fried Abortions

I forgot to write about this yesterday, but it was Charlie's birthday and I went with a friend to KFC for lunch. We walk in with children and as we're coming through the doors, two of the girls are discussing abortions and if the one girl can get one because she thinks she might be too far along and the other girl tells her totally confident as if she has experience with things of this sort that she has up to 20 weeks. Really? We go in for chicken with our kids and you're talking about getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy? How about using birth control so it doesn't get to that state? We giggled at the fact it was serious and the girls didn't want any of their coworkers to know cos they were talking about it in english instead of how most people who are of a Hispanic ethnicity at fast food places discuss things to each other in Spanish. It's like they didn't want the other guys to know what was going on. I wonder if the baby belongs to one of the guys working there? Ooh! Oh and then we wanted to do that free coupon thing on Oprah but they weren't doing them because the girl working there was telling another customer that Oprah bought all the chicken like she's bff's with Oprah or something. Ahhh. Good times. I almost feel like writing a Dear KFC letter on the girls talking about abortions while at work thing because it was pretty awkward. We'll see...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A million and one things summed up into one blog

We started this process last week or maybe longer. I just know I spent a good deal of time boxing things up and it seemed like forever. We got the keys on the 29th. Were supposed to get power on the 30th but it didn't happen til the 1st because the person who was supposed to turn it on was an idiot and couldn't find the place. It's right on the street! We were supposed to have our cable turned off then but they never did that. Got our cable set up on the 2nd. Moved in most of the furniture and started living on the 3rd and have been here since with boxes still waiting to be unpacked and furniture needing to come over. I got my gun case I've been eyeballing at the humane society thrift store originally $80, dropped to $40 and I went the day furniture was 20% off and paid $32. Score! I'm attempting a before/after with that, nothing fancy, just going from ugly wood to black. Same transformation will occur with our coffee table. Had a slapstick moment while moving of carrying a box downstairs, stepping on my shoe lace, untying my shoe while going downstairs, losing my shoe, and winding up at my car with a heavy box in my hands about ready to slide out of my grasp and a shoe barely staying on my foot. Horrible when it happened, hilarious looking back. Another humorous moment comes later when Jesse brought the guns over. He did it at night so no one can see what we have. He made the mistake of trying to put all the ammo in one box. Take in mind we had a cabinet full of ammo (now in a bigger cabinet; more room = more ammo) and that stuff is pretty heavy when you take in mind the brass, the lead bullets, and ok, even the powder and primers. When he brought the guns in, he handed me a handful of rifles and I took them in. He brought some in. We went back out, did the same routine about 3 more times and around the 4th time I asked him if we were almost done and he said no. I laughed. We didn't even get to the pistols at that point either. We got a table and tried to assemble that. Nothing was lining up. Finally I try and get it no problem. I told Jesse I think those things are designed for women to assemble or something. Anyway, we're almost settled in.

We're going down this weekend. We're doing Charlie's first birthday out there because we wanted to have a party and figure why not do it out there where his family are all at? So yeah. We're flying this time. No long car drive. Even though I like the drive, I didn't like last time's disaster so from now on it's planes or nothing.

New words
Charlie apparently is doing a "sh" sound, but when he does it, it sounds like he's saying shit because he kinda laughs when he does it. Jesse encouraged it and I told him to stop it cos I don't want to be the person who has the kid that goes around cussing. Anyway, he stopped doing that.

Charlie tries to walk again. He started about a week ago, then stopped for a week. Now he's giving it a shot again. He did a lot of walking this afternoon. Mostly just one to three steps at a time then plopping on his butt.

This guy at Walmart comes hauling ass up the parking lot an aisle down behind me and cuts through the aisle I was in to cut me off and take a spot that wasn't even that good of a parking spot. I was really mad because he almost hit my car and could have killed my kid just to get a crappy parking spot. I couldn't help but wonder what was so damned important that he had to act the way he did and what he could have possibly needed to get at Walmart. He had a super faggy car. It was like a blue Pontiac convertible douchemobile for one of those little dick asshole kinda guys. He looked like the dean at my junior high, Mr. Hendrick, and was dressed like Tommy Bahama. Jesse and I joked he probably heard Walmart was having a sale on knock-off Tommy Bahama shirts by Ronnie Bahama or Tommy Bahia. Heh. Anyway, he's a dick. I have a picture of his car but don't feel like posting at the time cos that would require me to send it from my phone to my computer and upload and quite frankly I'm so behind on blogging this week, I don't know where to start, so...

I have a yard to work with now and I've taken up to gardening. I work mostly in my backyard because I have a veggie garden space and I made a flowerbed along the gate. I planted some random flowers out there and will cross my fingers hoping they don't die when I'm down in LA. Our yard seems to be a safe haven for sow bugs aka roley poley bugs and pincher bugs and other things. Anyway, I need to get rid of the weeds in the lawn but that's about all.

I made cupcakes for Charlie's birthday. He had a special one for him that said "I'm 1" and I did the lettering in all sprinkles because I didn't have icing. Jesse ate it by accident. I gave him crap about it. He told me to make another one and I told him he was out of his mind and that the one I made took long enough. Seriously it did.

I feel like I had so much more to say this week but I guess I did a pretty good job wrapping it all up in a nutshell just now. Maybe it was just finding the time and motivation to sit down and just do this. That's all. The end.