Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cloth diapers are like crack for mothers who like to sew

So much truth to that. I went back to cloth diapering because there was this period where it was more cost efficient to go to disposable diapers because we were going to the laundromat and I had to double up prefolds to keep Charlie from leaking, but now that we have a washing machine and I can just run the loads whenever and not worry about it being an ordeal to get the diapers, get in the car or get the stroller, walk and lose out 3 hours of my day to wash, dry, and fold at the laundromat, well, needless to speak it's pretty stupid to NOT cloth diaper anymore. On that note, Charlie is in cloth again. However, only 3 of his old covers fit still, so I have to make new ones. Drag, right? Not really. I really like the way the PUL works on the inside but I don't feel like ordering it online and having it mailed, etc. etc. So I got quirky and bought some costume pleather. I know it sounds really weird and wrong, but I swear it WILL work. Let's look at the pleather vs. PUL for a minute: they're both water proof, they both have a right and wrong sewing side, they're both thin and easy to manage, they're both wearable and weird at the same time. So really, there's no issue other than the fact the pleather is an ugly color (grey - it was either that or red or blue and grey seems to go best with the fabrics I chose.) Anyway, I'm just going to make a few new covers and stick with doubling up the prefolds. I got some disgustingly cute fabrics too ranging from dogs, forest animals, skulls, trees, and cupcakes (I know Chrissy will die when she sees that one!) Off to sewing, yee!

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