Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally the gov't does something right!!!

They actually LOOKED out for me!!! Yeah, so if you've been following the saga of me hating Sallie Mae and William D. Ford trying to buy my loan out from them, you'll know I spent 5 months trying to get this damned thing to happen. I kept checking my loan status and it said my information was unavailable. Today I got a letter in the mail from William D. Ford stating that they WILL BE CONSOLIDATING my loan and I will be paying $230 a month for 240 payments to pay off my student loans. (That's 20 years if you're interested.) I know it seems like a long time. It seems even longer to think my college education (which got me nowhere if you as me) will be paid off by the time I'm 47, but hey, considering it took me only 1 year to screw up my credit for life, 3 years to rack up almost $50,000 in student loan debts and 9 years to fix my credit to a point of having almost no more things in collections, I'm pretty proud to finally have at least ONE loan in my name in good standing. I feel like a total tool who got in over my head cos I totally believed every piece of shit banker who handed me out cards, without looking at fine print or taking time to think how I'd pay for stuff, but whatever. That's past. Now is the time to move on and try to get things in a position where we can one day buy a house and then say fuck you to all credit completely so we can just go back to our cash system and not worry about that shit ever again. I hate credit. What ever happened to not judging books by their covers? We're told to look into someone before judging them but you are judged soley by some bullshit number that no one knows how to understand anyway. What the hell is this shit for getting points docked for having credit cards for emergencies and not using them? Fuck credit. Thanks William D. Ford for chewing out Sallie Mae's asses and getting them to allow you to buy my loan out from their tool asses and moreso, for getting that second collection agency they hired off my ass. Thanks guys!

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Yay! That's great!