Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gary and his "Worthless Piece of Bitch"

Last night, Jesse and I had bbq chicken for dinner. We got our bbq on Saturday, assembled it Sunday and have been bbqing dinners since. What can I say, we like it. Anyway, we were hanging outside talking about painting the cars and what not when we hear a lady arguing. She keeps going on and on and on about stuff like how the guy doesn't love her and thinks she's a whore and there may have been an issue involving stolen money. But the guy she was yelling at was named Gary. And it turns out Gary wasn't even there. He was on the phone. She would go from room to room telling Gary how he uses her and doesn't even love here and I wonder why someone would stay with someone begging them to stay if that's the case. If Gary doesn't love you, leave him. How great could he possibly be if he makes you do things he wants to do but never does things you want to do. The best was when she said, "I hope you're happy. You make me feel like a worthless piece of bitch." Piece of bitch, that's a new one to me. And the argument went on and on in an oh so familiar way of her getting all up in Gary's shit, Gary saying she's crazy, etc. etc. We just snickered with Nate and T-Dawg about the whole thing. Good times. Oh, our bbq chicken was really good too. We sat outside last night at the table and ate.

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