Sunday, May 24, 2009

I welcome you little birdies!

I have been super paranoid of bugs since last week when it got hot and we had all these creepie crawlies appear out of the blue. And of course, last Monday we did the bug bomb in the house and crawlspace/basement and sprayed the house up and down with Ortho Home Defense. Well, yesterday, I bought some Ortho lawn granules to sprinkle all over the garden and lawn to kill all the bugs and did another spray around the house of the home defense. So far, so good. Now that their homes are becoming death camps, they're fleeing to the patio where little birds are swooping down on them and eating them, or they are being killed by the sun. I rewarded my little bird friends with a smart new bird feeder and some seeds in addition to their almost gone bird seed bell. Of course, this morning, while peeing, Lulu sees the birds and is chasing them trying to get them. It's pretty cute. There's no way she'll ever get one. But she tries.

So last night, I was drifting off to sleep and I thought of people who remarry after their spouses die. Most people's vows are "til death do us part", upon which they might remarry to fill the shoes of someone they no longer have in their life. Well, and maybe I'm opening a philosophical can of worms here, but what happens when you die? Do you become reunited in Heaven with two spouses? Should the vows go for all eternity instead? Point to ponder...

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