Friday, May 15, 2009

Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away

I am beyond frustrated at our property management company right now. Here's a little back story. I should have known they were shady when they allowed us to get the home when we had the full deposit plus first month's rent and took us over some other lady who gave them a post dated check for the deposit to hold for her till she got the rest of the deposit amount. OK, they tried to do her a favor but in the end, we make better renters because we have funds and they give us the house instead. We sign the lease and they tell us that they *might* be changing investors later on. Not a long term time frame of how later on but they say that we would just make our rental checks to another company and not theirs and that they own the house 50/50 with the home owner but that might change. We get the keys and move in and about 5 days after we're in the house, a property assessor comes to look over it and get info on it because they will be selling the house and the house behind us which is on the same lot (it's a shared lot but split properties and renters.) The realtor tells us that they are opening the sale up to investors but home owners as well. Home owners! That means if a home owner buys this house we need to move. She also tells us they are going to do a short sale. Apparently, whoever bought this house got in over their head with things and can't afford it and is willing to get less than they paid to avoid foreclosure or whatever issues might come up. Again, something I would have LOVED to have known when we signed the lease as I wouldn't have signed it if I knew that! So, two weeks in, we have ants and spiders coming in here like crazy. The ants I've kinda taken on and tamed and the spiders, well, Jesse says that's a huge problem, I've only seen one since we moved in, so I'll take his word on that. My oven has no oven rack. I was supposed to get one. And there's a crack in the window in Charlie's room that was supposed to have been fixed last week and never happened. With the exception of the ant/spider thing, all other issues were addressed at lease signing and we were told we would have it taken care of and it is not yet taken care of. We've had our keys for a little over two weeks. Two days ago I call about the ants. No one returns my call. This morning, the water company comes to turn our water off because there's no services at this home. Apparently someone had the water scheduled to be shut off. Which is real interesting because one of the perks to us renting here is that the landlords pay water, sewer and trash. We just pay electric and oil. So I don't know if that was something they just stopped paying or scheduled to shut off because no one was living here, but the vibe I get from this property management company is that we call them, they ignore us. Our maintenance guy doesn't get paid to take care of the place because they no longer own the property 50/50. He needs to talk to the home owner to discuss this. What the hell is there to discuss!? We have a lease with terms that are being broken. I feel like we're dealing with some shifty people and I'm furious because we're situated and happy and now we have all this crap going on!? UGH!

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The Joo said...

Oh man that sucks! Moving into a new place is enough of a pain without all that crap going on. The place looks so cute though, it'd be a shame to lose it!