Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've been delaying on these things lately...

I think having a house provides me with more work and less time to blog. And when I do have time to blog, I'd rather sit on my couch and enjoy the summer breeze and nice view than sit on the computer. Anyway, here's the last week in a nutshell:

Flew to LA for Charlie's birthday. Went to Kareoke at Hipster Bowl with friends. The guy was a total ass and Katrina almost got in a fight with him because he repremanded (sp?) her for using different names when it went down like this: Katrina signed up for a song, Alissa signed up for a song. When it was their turn, they went up together both times. Then, they wanted to sing a song together and just did a shortened version of both of them to save space. He gets mad telling them they're using different names trying to trick his system and long story short the guy is a tool and kareoke should be first come first serve, not randomly automated by some gay ass computer. We wound up bowling afterward instead and still had a really good time I think.

The next day was Charlie's birthday and he had a wonderful time. Lots of presents. Lots of cake. Lots of food. Everyone was shocked at how much he eats but what can I say, the boy is a pie waggon. Being 1 is hard work.

We flew home Sunday and have been hanging out at the house since. I've been working on the garden, still, trying to get the lawn to cooperate with me but it just looks at me like I'm some kinda damned idiot. Stupid lawn. I'd love to get some summer grass going but I think it may be too late to do that. I got Charlie a kiddie pool with one of his b-day gift cards because last summer he went swimming and well, he likes swimming... a LOT. So I got that set up earlier in the week but it was still too cold. Yesterday I checked it just out of curiosity and it was perfect, but I left it uncovered and it got full of plum tree leaves. So today I emptied it and cleaned it and I'm refilling it in hopes that tomorrow when it's supposed to be 95ยบ, it'll be clean and nice and warm and we can all go in there. I'm wishing I had a bbq right now cos I'd totally bbq hot dogs or something tomorrow. Oh well.

Anyway that's about where things are at right now.

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