Thursday, May 7, 2009

A million and one things summed up into one blog

We started this process last week or maybe longer. I just know I spent a good deal of time boxing things up and it seemed like forever. We got the keys on the 29th. Were supposed to get power on the 30th but it didn't happen til the 1st because the person who was supposed to turn it on was an idiot and couldn't find the place. It's right on the street! We were supposed to have our cable turned off then but they never did that. Got our cable set up on the 2nd. Moved in most of the furniture and started living on the 3rd and have been here since with boxes still waiting to be unpacked and furniture needing to come over. I got my gun case I've been eyeballing at the humane society thrift store originally $80, dropped to $40 and I went the day furniture was 20% off and paid $32. Score! I'm attempting a before/after with that, nothing fancy, just going from ugly wood to black. Same transformation will occur with our coffee table. Had a slapstick moment while moving of carrying a box downstairs, stepping on my shoe lace, untying my shoe while going downstairs, losing my shoe, and winding up at my car with a heavy box in my hands about ready to slide out of my grasp and a shoe barely staying on my foot. Horrible when it happened, hilarious looking back. Another humorous moment comes later when Jesse brought the guns over. He did it at night so no one can see what we have. He made the mistake of trying to put all the ammo in one box. Take in mind we had a cabinet full of ammo (now in a bigger cabinet; more room = more ammo) and that stuff is pretty heavy when you take in mind the brass, the lead bullets, and ok, even the powder and primers. When he brought the guns in, he handed me a handful of rifles and I took them in. He brought some in. We went back out, did the same routine about 3 more times and around the 4th time I asked him if we were almost done and he said no. I laughed. We didn't even get to the pistols at that point either. We got a table and tried to assemble that. Nothing was lining up. Finally I try and get it no problem. I told Jesse I think those things are designed for women to assemble or something. Anyway, we're almost settled in.

We're going down this weekend. We're doing Charlie's first birthday out there because we wanted to have a party and figure why not do it out there where his family are all at? So yeah. We're flying this time. No long car drive. Even though I like the drive, I didn't like last time's disaster so from now on it's planes or nothing.

New words
Charlie apparently is doing a "sh" sound, but when he does it, it sounds like he's saying shit because he kinda laughs when he does it. Jesse encouraged it and I told him to stop it cos I don't want to be the person who has the kid that goes around cussing. Anyway, he stopped doing that.

Charlie tries to walk again. He started about a week ago, then stopped for a week. Now he's giving it a shot again. He did a lot of walking this afternoon. Mostly just one to three steps at a time then plopping on his butt.

This guy at Walmart comes hauling ass up the parking lot an aisle down behind me and cuts through the aisle I was in to cut me off and take a spot that wasn't even that good of a parking spot. I was really mad because he almost hit my car and could have killed my kid just to get a crappy parking spot. I couldn't help but wonder what was so damned important that he had to act the way he did and what he could have possibly needed to get at Walmart. He had a super faggy car. It was like a blue Pontiac convertible douchemobile for one of those little dick asshole kinda guys. He looked like the dean at my junior high, Mr. Hendrick, and was dressed like Tommy Bahama. Jesse and I joked he probably heard Walmart was having a sale on knock-off Tommy Bahama shirts by Ronnie Bahama or Tommy Bahia. Heh. Anyway, he's a dick. I have a picture of his car but don't feel like posting at the time cos that would require me to send it from my phone to my computer and upload and quite frankly I'm so behind on blogging this week, I don't know where to start, so...

I have a yard to work with now and I've taken up to gardening. I work mostly in my backyard because I have a veggie garden space and I made a flowerbed along the gate. I planted some random flowers out there and will cross my fingers hoping they don't die when I'm down in LA. Our yard seems to be a safe haven for sow bugs aka roley poley bugs and pincher bugs and other things. Anyway, I need to get rid of the weeds in the lawn but that's about all.

I made cupcakes for Charlie's birthday. He had a special one for him that said "I'm 1" and I did the lettering in all sprinkles because I didn't have icing. Jesse ate it by accident. I gave him crap about it. He told me to make another one and I told him he was out of his mind and that the one I made took long enough. Seriously it did.

I feel like I had so much more to say this week but I guess I did a pretty good job wrapping it all up in a nutshell just now. Maybe it was just finding the time and motivation to sit down and just do this. That's all. The end.


The Joo said...

Wow, that's a doozy of a post. I'm excited to see pics of the party in LA!

Sirinya said...

The story about the guy who stole your parking spot is precious. Your boyfriend and I thought it was great...and sad, really, that it happened.