Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More love of the Oldsmobile

We have these neighbors behind us, Jesse calls them Nick and T-Dawg (the wiggers in Waiting...) Anyway, they look goofy but they're really nice guys who do their own thing and say hi and chat for a sec or two whenever they're out. They have this pitbull, Cocoa, who looks really mean but is pretty dopey and likes to play catch and sniff Lulu through the fence. Anyway, I swear, this gets to Oldsmobile love, hear me out:

Since we moved in, I've spray painted two items of furniture and some candle holders. Then, I did a clear coat on the gun test. Jesse sprayed some parts on his car to prevent rust damage or something. I'm convinced they must think we're obsessed with spray painting or something as we've only been here a few weeks and we're always shaking cans out back.

Anyway, in light of Jesse fixing rust spots on his car or potential rust damage spots, I looked at my car and noticed I have a few places that look questionable and thought I should do the same, but then took that step a little further and thought, "Maybe I should just paint my car." The idea has been with me for a while now, I've toyed with it, but never really made anything serious out of it till now. I have looked up online and see about the same response everywhere: sand, prime, sand, paint, sand, seal, sand, buff, admire. Seems like a lot of sanding and a lot of tedious work, but I have the time. What if, just what if, I were able to do this? I saw a really nice color scheme on a Plymouth Fury at Fiesta on Wells that I'd love to have on my car: basically the same butterscotch color body with a cream top. Jesse said under the vinyl top on my car is a metal body and I'm guessing a metal body that doesn't need to be sanded, so that's really only half the work involved, right?

In all honesty, my car runs great. Part of why I love him so much. With the exception of that air pump situation which was fixed, he has low mileage for his age, decent power for my needs, and the inability to let me down. At this point, there's really nothing more, in my mind (Jesse, has all sorts of ideas of what he'd like to do) to do except for cosmetic work. The other task at hand involves reupholstering him. I'm convinced with my abilities to sew and draft patterns, I can probably take measurements and figure out something to do in terms of seat covers and get a really shnazzy interior for him. Now there are things that are out of my control, like the dashboard and all that stuff, but I'm sure I can find a middle ground in terms of making him look like the car he was born to be. Maybe I'm being a little overzealous here, but, perhaps he might be fixed up in time for Hot August Nights? I could take him out cruising playing his theme song, To Hot To Stop by the Bar Kays (it's the song on the opening sequence of Superbad) down the strip or wherever the hell cars cruise during that shit. Oh, one could only dream...

I have plans for that car. Plans on a dime budget. Maybe it won't be one of those car magazine before/after quality but I'm sure it could be a design*sponge before/after as it would more or less be a form of art than it would mechanical. Ho hum.

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