Friday, May 29, 2009

Pet of the Week and Wednesday's Child

A friend of mine wrote a blog about a family she knows who are looking for an adoptive child and it made me think about two things: Pet of the Week and Wednesday's Child.

Pet of the Week is a think out here where they have a pet at the humane society on the news for show and they're the feature animal they're trying to adopt out. A friend of mine went out to a pet store and saw a cat they liked and they told her the cat was the Pet of the Week. She then said that the humane society told her that to be Pet of the Week means that if the animal does not find a home by Sunday of that week, it will be put down.

So that made me think: does the same thing happen with Wednesday's Child? ::insert cynical *snort* here::

I'm an asshole. I know. I had to make that joke in poor taste.

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