Saturday, May 16, 2009


This morning was weird. Charlie was hanging out being pretty quiet and Jesse and I were laying in bed just watching the morning come. It was already pretty warm giving us a hint it would be a pretty hot day today. We decided a quickie would be a good idea, which turned into a not-so-quickie. After, I showered, Jesse took Charlie and got him breakfast. I was crampy the rest of the day and not feeling too hot. And the last time I went to the bathroom, I had a period. Which is totally weird because I haven't had regular periods since Charlie was born. I breastfed him for about a year (he was one when he was solely on cow's milk.) Anyway, I had maybe 3 periods postpartum. This is period number 4. So yeah, maybe this will be the return of regular periods now that he's weaned. I was kinda hoping Mirena would let me be period free but I guess I'm not that lucky. At least it's not horrendous like my first postpartum period was.


The Joo said...

Here's some TMI in return: since my period returned in February or so (while I was still BFing), it has come every 2-3 weeks. I've had like 8 HEAVY periods in 3 months. I'm pretty bitter about it.

Sirinya said...

Sorry for more TMI but... I'm on the Mirena too and I had spotting for the first six months, so ... maybe it's good that you're having actual periods, and not a six-month-long period? I'm not sure. In my experience, things got better eventually.