Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I found my tape measure last night!

So why not do one of these guys? I'm not gonna put in all the mishmash from the last year. Here's just where I was a year ago and where I'm at now:

June 23, 2008
Weight: 165 lbs.
Triceps: 11.5"
Bust: 39"
Waist: 34"
Tummy: 38"
Hips: 42.5"
Thighs: 24"

June 30, 2009:
Weight= 150 lbs.
Triceps= 11.25"
Bust= 37"

Me and my weird dreams...

I had this dream me and my photographer friend Alissa were going to be in a group show about Thanksgiving, particularly turkeys. It was called the "Turkey Gobble". Alissa still had to shoot her photo and she had this book she made of really odd little drawings in pastel color pencils on beige card stock. I had a portrait of a turkey and then I got mail in and I got a bunch of packages and one of them was a really nice hardback book of photos of everyone's work. We browsed the pages and my pieces weren't in there, but it turns out they were but we passed over them. I thought they didn't get in because they were turned in late. Anyway, we got our stuff to the Turkey Gobble and Alissa had a photo of a turkey that was shot and it's head was blown off. Apparently I helped her with the photo because I was the one who shot the turkey and she needed someone with a gun to help her and I was the perfect candidate. She thought it would be fun to have a fellow artist collaborate with her on it. The picture came out really cool because the blood was very bright red and was a really nice contrast to the deep green hues of the leaves on the floor around it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The ultimate scare

I'm very embarrassed and ashamed of myself for having to post this blog, but I had a serious scare today. Whenever I go out into the wild, I always have protection with me. You don't know if you might have a crazy ass animal or person try to attack you, so it's better safe than sorry. Well, Lulu was with me and for whatever dumb reason, I wound up taking a totally loaded magazine of .380 and not putting it in my Bersa. Instead, it wound up somewhere around my fishing purse (a mini messenger bag style purse I use to put my fishing gear into). I never put it in the Bersa and I started fishing, getting my rig from last night changed up to a sinking brown trout Rapalla. I caught a fish on my first cast out. Dead serious. I was so excited about good fishing and then when it slowed down, I moved to another part of the river. I fished at the new location and played in the water with Lulu. After about an hour, I decided it was time to go before I got a sunburn. When I got home, I unpacked and realized I never put the magazine in my Bersa and went to put it up and realized that I had a fully loaded magazine of 7 rounds of .380 NOT in my purse but somewhere in nature. Jesse said it wasn't a big deal. It was just the magazine and 7 rounds of ammo. But then me, being the catastrophic thinker I am, started to think, "What if someone kills someone out there with a 9mm and they find the bullets but not the brass and then find a loaded magazine of .380 (same diameter bullet as 9mm) with my finger prints and then track me down for a crime I didn't commit and I need to get that magazine back asap!" Seriously, that's how my brain works. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my total irresponsibility in this case. I know, it was just a magazine and some bullets. You can't do anything with them unless you have the appropriate gun to go with it, it's not like I forgot the gun. But still, I was pretty freaked out. I hauled ass back to the river and ran hysterically around the now crowded river trying to find it. The last place I checked was the first place I went and surprisingly enough, it was there. I felt so relieved. Anyway, I need to take more time to make sure I have all my belongings when I go places and check before I leave. This never should have happened. I am grounding myself for the next week and will not allow myself to go out and have any fun until I learn my lesson. Political protesting doesn't count towards punishment.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It started as a joke...

Jesse was talking to his mom and something came up about illegals getting jobs. I then joked with Jesse the Onion should do a news piece on Americans selling their social security numbers and denouncing their citizenship to become illegals so they could get jobs. Sounds funny and like something they'd do, but then the more we talked about it in it's mockery, it started to sound like a really good conspiracy theory. What if there's a conspiracy to get Americans out of their jobs in hopes they'll denounce their citizenship to become illegal to get jobs? Thus destroying the validity of the Constitution and our rights? Suddenly these new "illegal" Americans have no more rights. No right to vote. No right to bear arms. No freedom of speech and press. Just open to tyranny.

Pleasant surprise

Much to my delight, today I have been able to have the luxury of getting 4 new gun tests started. Today we did 3 more pistol calibers: .32 (which was from a Beretta Model 70 Jesse tested for someone he did work on. I got to be a test subject to use it because apparently the gun belongs to an older lady. It works nice and I like it!) .380 from my Bersa Thunder. Jesse shot a round and I shot a round. He did the hole on the bottom and I did the center hole that made it like a tunnel. Then I used Jesse's .40 Glock 23, which surprisingly, I actually like. I have this thing about Glocks that for some reason I just can't get myself to like them, but that one, I actually don't mind. It's a little wide of a grip for me because it's high capacity, but it shoots nicely. I need to make a tangent and tell Jesse that because he'll be pleasantly surprised. He smiled. Last, I shot a rifle round! Jesse told me that it'll blow the shit out of it, but I remember shooting pumpkins 2 years ago and they didn't get destroyed. I figured if I got a fat enough block of clay and put it out far enough, it would work. Sure enough, it did. I had a 8"x8" piece of clay set out at about 85-90 yards roughly and barely scraped the bottom right corner of it. Much to my delight, it worked out fine and is a heavy chunk of clay but looks pretty rad. Anyway, here's a sneak peak at what's to come. I'm not sure when I'll get around to painting them, hopefully soon. Next weekend will be a fun weekend of painting palates.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unconstitutional F.U.

As I mentioned earlier today, I spent a good deal of the morning hiding any guns and gun related objects because there was supposed to be a showing today at 11:00 am. 11:20 rolls around and finally I call to find out if anyone is coming or not. It's at 1:00 pm. The dumb guy who puts the paper notices on our door wrote it up wrong. They need to fire that tool. Anyway, I called and asked about it and got that clarification as well as information as to the fact we will have investors coming to view the house. The lady then tells us that she doesn't want any of our guns out. A big unconstitutional FU if you ask me. I mean, as a renter, am I not allowed to own guns? Do investors not allow gun owners as potential renters? What's the deal? So yeah, fortunately for them I spent a good part of the morning hiding that stuff because I fear I'll be like the guy in that Prison Planet article. Only instead, we'd wind up losing our child to CPS or something instead of just having our house raided because of some idiot not knowing what they see. I cringe at the thought of people coming into our home that are not friends of the 2nd Amendment and that are strangers.

Totally inconvenienced

By law, the home owners/property manager needs to give us a 24 hour notice when they're about to show the house. We get $50 off our rent if it's ready to show. Well, we have a lot of crap in boxes randomly placed still and apparently that's not considered showable. So now I have the task of hiding the guns and gun related equipment because I don't feel like having a mishap of a stupid realtor or buyer mistake Jesse's gunsmithing tools for a meth lab like this poor guy. Because face it, people are that stupid. The other thing, I don't want people to see our guns and come back and steal them or something. So I have the lovely job of gunproofing the home and making it look very bland. OK, we can't exactly hide the safe, but it's a lot of work to break into that. I do have the task of hiding ammo and gunsmithing and reloading crap and putting boxes up be it in my car or in closets or whatever. I am so pissed off right now it's not even funny. There's another showing on Monday and I'll be damned if I have to do this crap every time someone comes over. And these better be investors coming and not home owners because I'll be majorly pissed if someone wants to buy the house only to kick our asses out after all the crap I'm doing to get this thing looking nice in hopes we can stay. Words don't even begin to express my annoyance right now.

The Tow Truck Neighbors

When my parents were up a few weeks back, Jesse had to go to work for something. I was out fishing with my dad and my mom was home with Charlie. As we left, I noticed a call and it was from Jesse. I called our home and my mom told me his car crapped out and he was being towed home. Well, ok. Turns out it was the starter. When Jesse put the starter in on Monday, he showed me some part that had the teeth on some gear totally chewed off half way around. The new starter worked like a charm after a pain in the butt to put it back in. Today, Jesse decided to take his Galaxie to work and it was fine. But on his lunch break when he returned to work, it made a weird sound similar to the last time the starter died. Sure enough, something went wrong. Around 4:30, I get a call from him telling me he is getting towed home because the car wasn't working. I missed the last time but it's a pain to get the flatbed tow trucks to get the car into our driveway. Two cars came down the street and had to turn around and go back because the tow truck blocked the entire street. I told Jesse we're going to be known as the neighbors that always have their car towed home. I don't think he was very happy about that comment. To add insult to injury, my tail lights came in today for my Oldsmobile. At least the Galaxie looked nice painted black up on the tow truck. I hadn't seen it painted from the side like that yet. I've seen it painted but only through weird angles by the fence. Oh well.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What can I say?

Today I got my tail lights!!! Yay. And pictures, I promised I'd put up more pictures. Here's my guy looking all pretty like. He's still got a long way to go. In terms of base coat, he's 1/2 done. In terms of overall painting, he's about 1/3 there. I still need to do a color sand and second coat and clear coat. But yeah, getting him done by August is starting to look very possible!


For the first time in a VERY long time, I can say I am super excited about creating art. I haven't felt this way in forever and a day. I can't wait to get paid because I want to get some more art supplies for a series of paintings (if you want to call it that) I would like to do. I need to do a little bit of figuring out in terms of how I want to do what I plan to do but gosh, I am super excited! I know this will be a fun series to do. I'm in the works of getting a sitter for Charlie as I type, so I can't wait! Keep on the lookout for new art coming soon!!!

"You muh muh muh make me huh huh huh happy."

Today I was taking a shower and blew my nose under the water and wiped out a big ass booger that was coated the color of my car. Considering I painted my car yesterday morning, that's probably not a good thing.

Jesse and I went on a date to the art walk down by the river. We saw my Gun Tests at Se7en and had a few drinks, walked the river, watched people in kayaks and had a nice time being adults for a change. Date night is a good thing. I'd like to see it happen once a month if possible.

Enjoying a beer at Se7en.

Gun Tests above the bar.

I absolutely love the movie Tropic Thunder. I've only seen Apocalypse Now and really get the jokes from that, whereas Jesse has seen Platoon which the movies is mostly based on as well as a few of the other war movies like Rambo and others, so to him it's really funny. Anyway, I just gotta say, I am not a fan of Tom Cruise but I absolutely love his character in that movie. He is such an asshole and looks so hideous it's great! But quite frankly, I love a lot of the people in that movie. I think Robert Downey Jr. is beyond hilarious with the whole getting so involved in his character that he gets his skin changed black and the fact a white Australian male is playing the role of a leading black character. And Jay Baruchel for some reason makes me think of Jesse. I dunno why. Maybe it's just me being weird. But I love his character of the newcomer who reads the book, learns the script and is hoping to make it and learns that his A-list celebrity peers don't even do any of that and gets a rude wake up to what the world of acting is like.

In other news, I'm over hearing about MJ dying. God doesn't want the Jackson 5 to reunite. Maybe he's faking his death to get out of financial troubles or there's about to be another child molestation allegation. Why isn't Farrah Facet getting as much publicity as him? Or Ed McMahon. TMZ is probably having a field day. Celebrity gossip. Ugh.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New design

I redid the design of my website. In case you haven't noticed, I have design ADD. I can never be happy with something for more than 6 months really. I'm constantly changing and updating. Anyway, let's just say I got inspiration from my living room. Now if only I could get Lulu on here...

Great Dance Mix

I have a tendency to see what I want to see when skimming over things sometimes. Today I see an add on Craigslist for a Free Great Dance Mix. I'm thinking, "Ooh! This ought to be good!" Then my mind starts to wander and think what's on it. Is it a pop dance mix with Ace of Base or a hip hop dance mix with MC Hammer. I go to click the link for more information and see it's not a Great Dance Mix, but a Great Dane Mix. Damn. Just another person trying to get rid of their dog in Reno. So long for my dreams of parachute pants and the typewriter.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gun Tests at Artown

My gun tests are up for the month of Artown at Se7en Tea House & Bar. They'll be up from June 25 - July 29, 2009. They're located on the shelf above all the liquor bottles. Artwalk & Wine Tasting is tomorrow, June 25, 2009 from 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Se7en Tea House & Bar
Arlington Towers
100 N Arlington
Suite 102 Reno, Nevada 89501

And now we wait...

I finished painting the base coat for the body minus the roof and by the bumpers and lights. I'll post pictures later, but for now, we wait. I'm not about to start the vinyl removal on the roof yet. That is going to be a seriously ass job best left till Sunday when Jesse can help because I know it will be a 2 day project.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not enough Krylon in the world

I thought I'd finish up painting today, of course the Gods are against me on it. The first sign should have been yesterday with all the bondo repairs, but the second was with running out of daylight yesterday. The third was today when I sanded my hood down and ran out of primer. Then, I started to paint and I couldn't keep that paint on with the heat. Did I mention I burned my finger touching hot primer because today is the first hot day of the year after all the rain we had the last few weeks and the cooling period? Well it is. Anyway, I burned my finger on primer. That made painting harder because it was blistering and then callused, so there's a blister under my callus. I ran out of paint after the hood, front and driver's side door. I still have the rest of the driver's side and the trunk to do. I suppose at some point I can go buy more paint if they have any more at Walmart. The good thing was Charlie slept like forever and is still sleeping. I not only got to take a mid day shower after I ran out of paint, but I also got to rest and make some fresh squeezed lemonade. Yay.

From this side it almost looks like a real car!

Proud of my work.

Oh, and one irrelevant kicker: when Charlie was weaned I gained 5 lbs. Over the last few weeks, the process of sanding my car has been enough exercise to make me lose those 5 lbs. I am happy.

Return of the Galaxie

Yesterday Jesse put the new starter in the Galaxie. I was working on the Oldsmobile's paint job and all I heard was constant cussing and finally Jesse popped out and went to start the car and the cussing stopped and then the engine started. So it runs again. He never got around to putting in the carburetor but that's a project for another day.

Prime Time

I was so determined to get my car painted on one side today, but alas, I'd say I spent from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm roughly fixing other people's crappy bondo jobs and intermittently sanding the body. Seriously, who does this?

So, from the beginning of the day, this is what I had to start out with:

The driver's side wasn't nearly as bad as the passenger's side was in terms of body damage. I didn't have to hammer anything out. I did, however, have a ridiculous amount of scraping and bondo repairs to do, as previously mentioned.

Did I mention I had to break off another Delta 88 emblem? I wasn't concerned about damaging it because we happened to find not one, not two, but four emblems at the Pick & Pull yesterday. So I went hog wild. I also happened to get the pins they're stuck in with as they fell through a little crevice on the bottom of the body. Apparently, my theory about the assemblers of the car thinking the car would never need another paint job in it's life was correct. Again, who does this? Bolting on an emblem and not having any way to get it off? What if someone hit the car and did body damage and you got it repaired and had to repaint it? Do you just bondo over the holes and say bye-bye to your emblems? Maybe that's why it's hard to find these things sometimes. Who knows?

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, a good part of the day was spent sanding and doing bondo on the car. My original plan was to just do the driver's side, but then I got all crazy and did the trunk too. What the heck, right? Jesse told me he liked my bondo work and said he'd like me to do the bondo on his Galaxie. I asked him if he was serious or if he was just saying it as one of those husband trying to encourage his wife type things. He said he was serious. I was honored.

After the bondo and sanding was done, I did the primer. I had the cans sitting on top of our trash can and I went to grab the bag they were in and it fell. Next thing I know, I hear this whizzzhhhh sound and apparently one of the cans exploded and was spraying all crazy inside the bag. Fortunately it was in that bag. I think Jesse and I would have royally freaked out if that fell on the floor and sprayed primer on the bumpers of our cars.

While I was priming, one of Jesse's customers came to pick up his gun. Apparently he was a little curious as to why I was painting my car and Jesse told him all about it.

Jesse decided to take a video of me priming. I've done so much priming I feel like I'm a spray painting machine.

It took me 3 half empty cans and 2 full cans to prime the entire side and back of my car. Jesse cut me off from painting because I would have stayed out and finished the thing into the darkness, but alas, I didn't. I didn't accomplish painting one side, but instead, tomorrow I plan to prime the hood and try to paint all that has been primed. If I'm lucky, I just might have 75% of the car painted with it's base coat by then!

Monday, June 22, 2009


It's been a while since I worked on painting the Oldsmobile, but I should fill you in on some of what's been going on.

First, we've had rain for like 2 weeks here. It's not like normal rain where it starts and goes on for a while. No, it's like sunny one minute, then gets a little cloudy and then you hear a rumble of thunder and all of a sudden it starts to shit hammer pour. Then it will stop for 5 minutes and rain like normal for a while and then the clouds will lurk around and you don't know if it is going to rain more or not. Or, my favorite, it's sunny and pretty outside and then you feel a drop... drop... drop drop... RAIN. In the sun. How is it possible to be sunny AND rain? That is beyond me.

Second, Charlie has been teething molars real bad. So he is fussy as heck.

Third, I babysat for a friend recently so that day was out.

Now, the good stuff! I have a lot of catching up to do and I'll add picture later I'm sure, but here goes:

My hubcaps came in last week. This has been a huge motivation to get me to do more painting. They're so pretty and Oldsmobiley!

Then, I got a really great email from someone selling a salvage 1976 Delta 88 same color and model as my car and everything on eBay for $300 and I emailed about the lights, and there's a whole blog about it, but he sold me the tail lights for $40 plus shipping so I paid for those today.

I lied about my car running great. It squeaks because of some issue with the alternator. It's not bad, it's just, I can get a new one for Jesse to put in or he can do some helicoil work and get that to be fixed and it won't squeak anymore. The squeaking is just annoying but to my knowledge isn't affecting the car's performance negatively... yet. The other thing, it needs a turn signal cam. Jesse's going to get one for me at Kragen today when he returns his starter core for the $20 refund. So really, there's only two mechanical issues that are so miniscule that need to be fixed and are simple fixes, just issues of time.

So what's next?

Yesterday we got some new emblems and a hood ornament as well as a new trunk lock cover for the Oldsmobile. What does this mean? Simple: after it gets painted and I put all the pretty cosmetic crap on, the only thing that will need work is making a seat cover for the back seat and front seat. I know it sounds terribly tacky, but I am seriously considering making fuzzy leopard seat covers. I'm torn between a snow leopard or a regular leopard. Depends on what looks best with the interior. I also am toying with painting the vinyl. Oh, and I need to get some silicon to fill the 3 cracks on the dash, which Jesse is rather impressed with because I guess it's rare to have a car as old as mine with so few cracks on a plastic dash.

So that's the good news. Now back to work. I plan to have the entire driver side painted today. Or at least primed.

The end...for now.

What the deuce?!

I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about twitter and thought I'd sign up and apparently some a-hole has taken DasBoogs as their user name. WHAT?! Seriously this is something that is truly unique to ME. I have been using this name for quite a while now. I even googled to see what comes up and page after page after page is stuff pertaining to things I posted or information about me. Then there is some random tool on twitter with it. One guy. ONE GUY. With MY name. I feel so violated.


We went to breakfast this morning at Josef's for father's day. On our way home, we took Lakeside. There were some kids holding signs wanting to do some sort of car wash to raise money. We were at the light waiting to make a right on Plumb when some girl looks at Jesse and says, "Hey, white boy, get your car washed!" and she said it really rude. Jesse just flipped her off for her rudeness and some guy that was near her called Jesse a bitch and as we drove off Jesse told him, "Fuck you, faggot!" It was great. I wanted to make a sign and stand next to them that would say something like, "Boycott This Car Wash. These People Are Rude." or something of the sorts. I'm sorry but if I were to get my car washed, the fact someone looks at my car and calls my husband "white boy", that's just rude. I mean, if I were doing that car wash and saw a black guy in a car and go, "Hey black man, get your car washed!" Dude, I would get my ass kicked so fast. What's the difference? Why do minorities think it's ok to talk to white people like that? What makes it ok for anyone to talk to anyone like that? What ever happened to Sir or Mister? Could you imagine the disgust people must have felt in the 50's and 60's when people start saying stuff like, "Hey man, want your car washed?" "Hey dude, how about a car wash?" I can only imagine the disgust older generations must feel today with the rudeness people have now.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting Tail [Lights] Always Rocks!!!

Somewhere in the world of eBay, the stars were shining down on me and the Gods were feeling I needed some lovin'. As mentioned a blog or two back, I totally lost out on a tail light offer. Then I see my same car for sale as a salvage on eBay for $300. I emailed the seller if he'd sell them to me. He said if no one bid he would. Well, the auction closed and he sold the car. Boo. But he emails me saying that he knocked the price off the winning bid in exchange of selling the lights to me. Yay. So it's just a matter of waiting to hear if he's going to be cool with sending me an invoice for the item or if he's just going to do a buy it now auction on Monday. The end. Thank you nice eBay seller guy and understanding winning bidder.

So this isn't my Oldsmobile but it's the one I'm getting the lights from. It's just like my car!

Apalachia, here I come!

What started as some sort of lover's quarrel this morning has morphed into hilarity for me. Some people across the street a few houses over started arguing about their relationship. Next thing I know, about an hour later, they're still going at it but the girl is now outside in plaid short shorts. Did I mention she's overweight and shouldn't be in short shorts? She's got a mad muffin top hanging out of her white two sizes too small tank top and sunglasses on her forehead going on about how her boyfriend thinks their relationship is a joke so she's leaving. On foot. Wearing flip flops. However, instead of leaving, she just marches up and down the side walk between their house and the house next door, as if parading for the neighborhood to join in the spectacle that is their argument. She say's she's leaving. It's like, "Apalachia, here I come!" She didn't say that, but that's what I imagine is going on in her head. Anyway, yeah, good times. Very funny. I can never understand the mentality of white trash arguing so loud inside their homes that they want the world to hear and then they go outside for the world to see, like they want as many witnesses to see and hear what happened so when the cops come they're not the ones who get arrested or something.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes, I am in a good mood.

In case you don't remember, a few blogs back, our dryer we bought when we moved died. We got another dryer and had these nice kids deliver it and set it up only to find out what they thought was an electric dryer was actually a gas dryer. Today I went to a used appliance store and bought a new one for $99, well actually, I told the guy to mark it up $1 so I could get a 90 day warranty instead of the 30 that I would have got for a $99 dryer. In the end I paid $137 for the dryer, the extra 60 day warranty for $1, and $30 to deliver. In addition to this, he also set it up for me, properly, with the little vent thing so we can dry with the door shut and not worry about condensation. But wait, there's more! I asked him about oven racks and told him about the situation with ours and he asked if I knew the measurements. 18"x24". He told me he'd look at his selection and see if he had anything I could use and found a 16"x24". I told him I'd try it out and if it works, I'd take it and if not, I'd give it back to him. So I got that for free. Someone came by and bought the old gas dryer and we got a $10 profit. Before he got here, I went on a bike ride with Charlie and he loved it, too. I've been finding myself doing this frequently now that I have his helmet and his seat hooked up. I'll post pictures eventually.

"Is that like an Astro Van?"

I bought Jesse his real Father's Day presents today, which are a new starter and a carburetor for his Galaxie. It was originally going to be just the carburetor but when his starter crapped out, I couldn't get the one without the other. I went to Kragen to get his starter after calling around to get prices and they were close and had the best price. I get there and I asked the guy working there who looked like Eminem and sounded like a hillbilly if he had any jacks for cars and he takes me to a row of them. I look and ask him which would be best for a 1967 Ford Galaxie.

He looks dumbfounded and asks, "Is that like an Astro Van?"

I have a completely dumbfounded blank expression on my face. No. It's a big old car.

"Oh, like a Nova?"

No! It's a Ford Galaxie! It's not a Chevy. It doesn't even look like a Nova. It's big and heavy like one. You can then see the rusted wheels cranking away in his head struggling to come up with a logical thought but alas, it gets stuck as it reaches a missing tooth in the gears.

I find it interesting that a person who doesn't know much about cars is working in a store that sells parts for cars, but oh well. I don't know anything about cars for what it's worth, but still. An Astro Van? I couldn't help but feel like Parker Posey in Best in Show when she's at the toy store looking for the Busy Bee toy.

"This? This is a fish? This is a fish!"

I still hate bankers...

You don't have to know me well to know how much I hate bankers. I'd say a large part of them from my experience are high school barely graduates who lucked into the job as a teller because they have a friend of a friend or whatever that gets them in. Most of them get management jobs simply because they've been there forever and a day, not because they are management material. Then they get these little power trips that because they're in charge of your money, they are great as shit, yet it's this same mentality that has drawn our economy to shit of having people who barely grasp the concept of basic math with a calculator. So today I have not the first situation of this, but second situation in which I go to the Wells Fargo on Plumb to deposit a check. I ride my bike down there with Charlie in his seat and he has fallen asleep. The ATM is broken and the bank employee working there tells me to just go to the drive through. OK. I go to the drive through teller, "Ivy", who tells me that due to safety liability issues she cannot help me and that I need to use the ATM. I tell her the ATM is broken and the employee with the mechanic directed me to use the drive through. She then sounds like a broken record and I tell her I'd like to speak to her manager and she says she is the manager and she's telling me that for my safety she can't help me. At this point, I go bitch on her and tell her that a bike is a vehicle and ask her if they also deny service to other two wheeled vehicles like motorcycles or scooters and then ask what's the safety difference if she helps me in the drive through or if I go to the mechanical drive through ATM right next to her. She has no response to this. I then tell her she will take my transaction and be getting a corporate complaint filed. It's funny how fast you get service once you mention corporate complaint and ask for a name.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vienna Love

There was a little piece on the news the other day about people cutting back on spending and one of the places showed was Josef's Vienna Bakery. I love that place. They have the most amazing cakes and pastries and just everythings. One of my favorite things there is their black forest ham sandwich. Writing this makes me yearn for one on German rye bread with Swiss cheese and avocado. I think I feel a necessary trip there this weekend. I know I want them to make our cake for our vow renewal. Check out their site. They're awesome! http://www.josefsvienna.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two words: Open Bar

When Jesse and I got married almost two years ago, I was about 6 weeks pregnant and we did a court house thing that felt more like waiting to get a license renewal at the dmv than getting married. Well, we're about 3 months shy of our two year wedding anniversary and we discussed the idea of a vow renewal to have a wedding type event when we celebrate our 5 year anniversary so we can do our own vows and have friends and relatives up and it would be like a real wedding, only there would be no white dress and the child would be 4 years old. We decided we're going to do a back yard reception type thing that would be cocktail attire and all on a budget, with most of the budget going on an open bar and we'd like to keep it fun. There won't be a bridal party or anything because I guess that's not good vow renewal etiquette. There won't be any registry. It will just be people coming up to have dinner, drinks and celebrate us being married for 5 years and us renewing our love for each other again. Because quite frankly, without sounding lame, Jesse and I have discussed that we believe we will be that couple who makes it to the grave together.

Watch out Steven Segal, Lulu's the next face of action!

In case you haven't seen it, Lulu likes to go on bike rides. I took he out tonight and I guess it was the fact that it was cold and kind of dark and starting to drizzle and we were a block away from home, she got a little antsy and wanted to go home. She stood up in her basket and I slowed down a bit so she could fix her seating, but instead, she jumped from the basket and landed in a pile of dirt doing a little roll from my moving bike. I freaked out for a moment, called her over so she wouldn't get hit by a car or anything and put her back in and drove home. But upon getting home, she piled up in her blanket on the couch and went to sleep as normal. I thought back to her little action move and even acted it out for Jesse to show him. Anyway, next time she goes out, I'll keep it to sunny days.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am so mad right now! I want to punch my fist through the walls! I found some pristine 1976 Delta 88 tail lights on eBay but the guy wanted $110 for them which was WAY too high. I actually emailed him offering $50 and another guy made an offer too, but he got the other email first and the guy won them for $40. I AM SO MAD! SOME ASS CLOWN HAS MY TAIL LIGHTS! Time to go back to scavenging the web in a mad search to make my car look fabulous. Grumble grumble.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Issues

So to get everyone caught up with all the things in the Ford Galaxie, here it is.
First off is the carburetor, which I believe is 50% of the reason why the kid I bought it from sold it.
When I first got it home I noticed it was running really rich and had several vacuum leaks.
Being a kid I imagine he did not know what vacuum leaks are all about and started turning screws on the carburetor till it ran half way decent.
Second is the cars wiring, if you've ever seen a bowl of spaghetti then you get an idea of what I am dealing with.
When I got it the headlights didn't work, nor did the brake and tail lights or indicators or the dash lights.
The dash lights and indicators still don't work but soon enough they will.
The gas filler tube leaks at the point in joins into the gas tank.
and as I found out last weekend it has several generations of Bondo on the drivers side quarter panel.
The sizable dent that is the catalyst for the said bondo will be knocked out and a much much thinner layer of bondo will be applied to smooth everything out.
On a tangent I have to say that I still don't understand why bondo is so over used, I mean for fucks sake, I've seen bondo jobs that would have taken longer to accomplish than it would have been to just bang out or pull the dent or other damage.
One of those automotive mysteries of life I suppose.

Serious competition

I joke candidly with Jesse that our car painting is becoming a contest and I have been trying so hard to beat him or at least catch up. He's lucky because his car came pre-primed. All he has to do is scuff and paint. I have to sand three times before I can even prime so I have four times the work in my mind. However, I have been taking serious advantage of Charlie taking three hour naps and buckling down and getting serious about things. I have found a way to maximize my time by creating a system. Before we'd sand and bondo when needed. Now I spot check and sand areas that need bondo, sand, prime, paint.

What more can I say today that I haven't said prior to today? Well, actually, now that I think about it, I had to hammer out some dents on the rear. That was ridiculously easy actually. All I had to do was pop the trunk, run my fingers along the sides to find the dents and hammer. I put the other hand on the outside body on the dent so I could feel if it was coming out enough. Anyway, I managed to straighten out this really shitty dent that was on the back and scraped off the crappy bondo they had on before to fill the dent and redo the bondo so it was only a small piece to fill the tiny tight dent I couldn't hammer out.

After the bondo was done, I was able to scrape off adhesive while the bondo dried. I then got a little arty with photo taking of sanding...

My new system allows me to do any scraping and 60 grain sanding around the bondo and by the time the scraping and sanding is done, the bondo is dry enough to sand down with 60 and start on to the 100 and go from 150 and complete the sanding cycle. Now that I look at a detailed photo, I realize my back end looked pretty dinged up.

So as usual, after the sanding was completed, I primed it, drank the rest of my hazelnut coffee and admired my work while the primer dried.

After the primer had set, I did my painting and for whatever reason, it just was being difficult in the sense it seemed like it needed so many coats to be done, but after it was done, I sat on my car and smiled because now Jesse has some serious competition. I have completed the base coat of one side of my car. Now all that's left is the other side, hood, trunk and roof. After those are all painted, I'll do a color sand and maybe one or two more coats and then clear coat and I'm done. And after that's done, I'll make seat covers and continue my quest of finding cosmetic parts to complete my Oldsmobile!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet ride

Katrina's boyfriend sells beach cruisers and Katrina got one a while back. I've been wanting a bike for a while now and was in love with Katrina's bike. Turns out he doesn't sell them at an unreasonable price. So I was able to buy a really rad bike and it's orange and no one wants them, which I don't know why no one wants orange bikes, but yeah, it's awesome. I love my new bike!

Painting photos

Jesse is also spray painting his car. He actually started before I did and was my inspiration for doing the Oldsmobile. Anyway, here's some photos of his process. He's lucky because his car came primed so all he had to do was rough it up a little bit and start to spray. He's going with a flat black and plans on removing all molding unless he says otherwise.

What does Lulu dream about?

Last night we were laying in bed about ready to drift to sleep. Lulu had already been sleeping. Next thing we know, she's barking and growling at something. She has dreams and does this sometimes. Jesse and I wonder what she dreams about.

390: The number of the Beast

April 15, 2009: My husband paid $300 for a 1967 Ford Galaxie with a 390 engine out in Carson City and drove it home without any tools or a cell phone back to Reno an hour before he had to go to work and it never once crossed his mind what would happen if it broke down. Needless to speak, it didn't break down. This is life, somewhere in the Ford Galaxie...

This is it

So here it is, the blog that Das Boogs has created to document the ever changing Ford Galaxie.
Unlike most people that own cars of a certain era, this will not be a restoration, it will be a transformation.
Into what you ask? well into the classic "hot rod" a loud, obnoxious beast of a car, a car that makes you jump off the side walk with fright at it's initial sight.

But unlike every car you see in any car magazine, the end result will not be a $65,000 garage ornament, it will be driven with abandon.
Enough for now, the next entry will deal with problems.

Keeping up with what's up

One of the things I remember from when I was in school was how much the faculty stressed to "keep up" with current trends and artists. But, without sounding like a tool, I just wasn't into that. To me, the idea of reading on what's hip in the art world or design world or any other world for that matter seems very much on the same level as reading People or something to find out what's hip with the celebs and what they're wearing. Call me an ass, but I just feel like if you're truly good at something, then you don't need to read about what everyone else is doing because they will be the ones following you. Even to this date, I don't keep up with researching what's hip because, again, not wanting to sound full of myself, I think that deep down there is something cutting edge about me that I have to offer and you either like it or you don't. I feel a certain level of validity to this whole theory as there's this site I found out about from a friend that I use as fun therapeutic crack to just relax and come up with color palates or patterns and people can like them and rate them and within seconds of creating a few palates and patterns I started getting some love. I guess I just feel like even though I don't pay attention to the world around me, the world around me just comes naturally and people like it. I dunno. I can't explain what I'm trying to say, but you get it, right?

Charlie loves to poke things (or Lulu gets goosed)

If you've never noticed, Charlie loves to stick his finger in holes. Noses. Ears. Mouths. Belly buttons. Tonight he poked Lulu in the chili ring (that's my new favorite term for butt by the way, I heard it on Sex Drive). Lulu was chewing on a rawhide bone and Charlie comes up from behind and gooses her. She jumps like, "What the hell!?" and goes back to chewing on her bone. But yeah, Charlie likes circles too. He has these block toys where you put shaped blocks into corresponding shapes on a container and he likes the circle because he can always get that one in. He goes for it first and can always get it. But then, when he finishes, he always grabs the oval next because it's the only other shape without any corners that seems easy to put in but he has trouble with it. One day he'll get it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I know this isn't relevant but...

I guess it kind of is actually, I bought some hubcaps on eBay. I accidentally found them while I was searching for Delta 88 emblems. It was a set of 4 for $24.99 and $19.99 shipping. Seriously, how the hell lucky was I to find a complete set of 4 hubcaps for 70-76 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale wheels for $10.25 each if you want to add in the cost of shipping? I mean, I'm sure if we tested our luck we could one day find a decent set at a junkyard but this just makes beautifying the car happen that much quicker. Who'd ever thought the day would come that I wound up with a project car and had so much fun with it? OK, it's not completely a project in the essence it runs like a champ and Jesse does anything mechanical and I just do cosmetic project work, but still...

Clouds can be tricky bastards

This morning was cloudy but it said in the forecast there was no rain for today so I believed it. I decided to do the front passenger side. To start, I popped off the emblems, which, much to my dismay, were originally put on by a cynical son of a bitch who thought this car would never require a paint job again in it's life because they are virtually impossible to get at unless you remove the entire wheel well cover thing, unscrew something, and then pop them off. So my solution: break the damned things off and buy some new ones that stick on with adhesive on eBay. God bless eBay. The sad part was the 88 broke. But at least Delta is still in tact. I'll be ghetto and make a necklace for it or something. True story.

Today wasn't much different than yesterday. Oh, well other than the fact I was totally solo today and had to watch my son and take my friend to work. That's a whole thing in itself:

After I popped (read: broke) the emblems off and start the 60 grain sanding of the front passenger's side, I get a call from my friend Chrissy. She needs a ride to work because her car has crapped out on her again for the God knows how manyth time in the last month. Her car is relatively new and shouldn't be acting like that but what can I say, it's no '76 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. Anyway, at that point, Charlie had been down for a nap for about an hour and I was looking forward to 2 more hours of work time but that became nothing more than a pipe dream. I woke the boy, put him in the car along with all my equipment because I was too lazy to put it up in the house again only to get it out again when I got back. I picked her up and took her to work, got some Jack in the Box Mini Buffalo Ranch burgers and shared them with Charlie for lunch and they are AWESOME; if you haven't had them yet, try them!

Anyway, after lunch Charlie is awake which means I will not accomplish much, if anything at all. I put him outside with me in his little exersaucer and let him play "tools" with Mommy.

From there, I was able to do some sanding and of course, after I started, Charlie started to fuss. So I sanded one handed with child in the other hand resting on my hip. Let it be said, if I wind up with back problems by the time I'm 30, that is why. I let Charlie help with the sanding and he was super excited that of all people, Mommy was the one to let him get his first hands-on experience with working on cars, even if it was just painting. Sorry, Jesse, I know that should be your turf, but you were at work.

Of course that lasted all of about 5 minutes because Charlie turns out, was sleepy. I put him in his stroller with a blanket and let him sleep outside where I could watch him and work on the car. It was a killer idea because he not only slept, but he slept long enough for me to prime the car...

While the primer was drying, I scraped off some of the molding adhesive on the back...

Then I was able to start painting...

And I was even able to finish painting the front passenger's side of the car!

With my luck, it never rained today, even though it looked very much like it would. Charlie didn't wake up till I finished and got all my supplies put up. It was a very successful day and I got what I considered to be a decent amount of work finished. Till next time...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reeking of desperation never sounded so good

Music is definitely not great anymore. In fact, it's pretty far from it. Remember girl groups from the 60's?

They were great.

They loved their men. They would do anything to get that man. And when that got that man, he was the light of their life.

Now days, the concept of a girl group can't happen because there's too much divatudes going on. You got Beyonce, who used to be part of girl group Destiny's Child (but you were cooler than me having to explain this one) and now, what? Well, before they'd sing stuff like "Say My Name" and maybe there were hints of 60's songs of dedication, but now, it's just stuff like "Single Ladies" in her solo gigs, where, well, what can I say? It makes women sound pushy. What the hell kinda lyric is "If you like it then you better put a ring on it"? What is it? A woman? Beyonce? Who the hell refers to themselves as it?

It almost seems like now days, if a woman were to write a song about loving her man, she'd come off as desperate. Whatever. I'd much rather listen to music from the 60's that's actually good and more danceable than Beyonce.

One more thing...

If you were to read an ad that says "looking for artists willing to show their work from their homes or studios," would you think that means that someone is looking to show your work? Because apparently, that's what I keep getting. Either people out here are totally dense and don't have a basic understanding of the English language or they just see a call for artists and think they can apply without reading the fine print; even if that fine print is clearly stated in bold. I have been trying with absolutely no luck for the last month or two to get some people together for an artwalk in our neighborhood and I keep getting response after response of people willing to participate and stating they're in and then when I update everyone to what's going on, I get emails stating people thought this was a group show they bring their art to. NO! It's an ART WALK. People WALK to YOUR home or studio. You do not go anywhere. You do not bring anything to me. You stay, people visit. These things are so common! Or I get emails from people outside the area wanting to participate and want to be placed on the map even though they're well out of the walkable area. Really, do you think someone is going to walk from downtown 10 miles to see your art? I don't even know anyone that would walk 10 miles for money! I just don't understand why people apply to things haphazardly wasting my time and theirs. Is this the same ethics people are using for job hunting too? If so, I feel sorry for a lot of employers. No wonder some places have such high hire/fire rates.

I'm in love with my car...

Does anyone remember that Queen song? Certainly some of you must! I totally love my Oldsmobile. I had a dream about it last night. And other stuff. Well, ok I'm trying to get it painted but I had a dream I got it painted all fast and it looked really sweet. I then got a vanity plate for it that said DASBOOG hahaha. Oh and then everyone saw my car and said how awesome it was and everyone who ever thought of saying I had a piece of shit totally took back their words because my car is so awesome. True story. Anyway, then I woke up and it was all shitty outside. Grr.

Never had a June like this...

You know that scene in Forrest Gump where he's in Vietnam and he's like "One day it started raining and it didn't stop..." That's how I feel right now. I really want to get my car painted and done in time for Hot August Nights, that gives me about 8 weeks but at this rate, if the damned rain doesn't stop it's not gonna happen. It took me an entire day to do 2 doors. I still have 2 more doors, a hood, a trunk and a roof. Not to mention doing 2 more coats of paint and a few coats of clear coat. I really think it's great that we're getting the rain because we need it, but I'd love it more if it waited till after I paint my car. I'm just saying...

Monday, June 8, 2009

I took off the masking tape...

New blog

I've created a new blog specifically for my Oldsmobile because I love it that much. You can read it by going to my profile and looking at my other blogs or I can at some point export it over to this one. We'll see how I feel.

Let there be paint!

After several text messages to friends about my ghetto paint job and being called ghetto for it, it was time to finally apply paint. The color was Krylon's Indoor/Outdoor Sweet Cream Glossy. It's a buttery yellow and more vibrant yet softer than the muted beige I have on now. I think it's a great natural color transition and looks very similar to one of the original Oldsmobile swatches.

I did a thin coat and when I say thin, I mean thin. The stuff goes on very transparent and I don't know if it's because it's such a light color or if it has something to do with the fact it's glossy, I don't know. But after that, I did another coat, slightly heavier. It took me about two or three runs to get it nice and even, but there's some little drippy spots and a few small bubbly spots. I plan on going over those again with a fine grain sand paper, like 600 or something and doing another coat. My plan of action is to do somewhere between 3 and 5 coats of paint before thinking about clear coat.