Saturday, June 20, 2009

Apalachia, here I come!

What started as some sort of lover's quarrel this morning has morphed into hilarity for me. Some people across the street a few houses over started arguing about their relationship. Next thing I know, about an hour later, they're still going at it but the girl is now outside in plaid short shorts. Did I mention she's overweight and shouldn't be in short shorts? She's got a mad muffin top hanging out of her white two sizes too small tank top and sunglasses on her forehead going on about how her boyfriend thinks their relationship is a joke so she's leaving. On foot. Wearing flip flops. However, instead of leaving, she just marches up and down the side walk between their house and the house next door, as if parading for the neighborhood to join in the spectacle that is their argument. She say's she's leaving. It's like, "Apalachia, here I come!" She didn't say that, but that's what I imagine is going on in her head. Anyway, yeah, good times. Very funny. I can never understand the mentality of white trash arguing so loud inside their homes that they want the world to hear and then they go outside for the world to see, like they want as many witnesses to see and hear what happened so when the cops come they're not the ones who get arrested or something.

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WitchScribe said...

lmaoooooooo @ muffin top! you're too damn funny - and as a big girl, i agree, when you have a fat ass, short shorts are NOT for us - in public!