Monday, June 22, 2009


We went to breakfast this morning at Josef's for father's day. On our way home, we took Lakeside. There were some kids holding signs wanting to do some sort of car wash to raise money. We were at the light waiting to make a right on Plumb when some girl looks at Jesse and says, "Hey, white boy, get your car washed!" and she said it really rude. Jesse just flipped her off for her rudeness and some guy that was near her called Jesse a bitch and as we drove off Jesse told him, "Fuck you, faggot!" It was great. I wanted to make a sign and stand next to them that would say something like, "Boycott This Car Wash. These People Are Rude." or something of the sorts. I'm sorry but if I were to get my car washed, the fact someone looks at my car and calls my husband "white boy", that's just rude. I mean, if I were doing that car wash and saw a black guy in a car and go, "Hey black man, get your car washed!" Dude, I would get my ass kicked so fast. What's the difference? Why do minorities think it's ok to talk to white people like that? What makes it ok for anyone to talk to anyone like that? What ever happened to Sir or Mister? Could you imagine the disgust people must have felt in the 50's and 60's when people start saying stuff like, "Hey man, want your car washed?" "Hey dude, how about a car wash?" I can only imagine the disgust older generations must feel today with the rudeness people have now.

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WitchScribe said...

That is totally ass rude. That's no way to talk to anyone - "white boy/black boy/mexican boy" - but you know, youth nowadays, girl - they have no damn respect. It pisses me off. I feel VERY proud of my 15 year old that he says "yes ma'am" "no ma'am" - I dare him to be direspectful in mine or my hubbie's presence.

Good for you guys for standing up for yourselves!