Thursday, June 11, 2009

Charlie loves to poke things (or Lulu gets goosed)

If you've never noticed, Charlie loves to stick his finger in holes. Noses. Ears. Mouths. Belly buttons. Tonight he poked Lulu in the chili ring (that's my new favorite term for butt by the way, I heard it on Sex Drive). Lulu was chewing on a rawhide bone and Charlie comes up from behind and gooses her. She jumps like, "What the hell!?" and goes back to chewing on her bone. But yeah, Charlie likes circles too. He has these block toys where you put shaped blocks into corresponding shapes on a container and he likes the circle because he can always get that one in. He goes for it first and can always get it. But then, when he finishes, he always grabs the oval next because it's the only other shape without any corners that seems easy to put in but he has trouble with it. One day he'll get it.

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