Sunday, June 7, 2009

Disrespect never got anyone anywhere

Today I was going to get gas on my way to the pug meet up and this Hispanic dude shouts something at me as I pull into the Shell station on South Virginia near Plumb. Sounds like "Hey g├╝era" (Spanish slang for blond girl/white girl, pronounced weh-duh) and I just go in because seriously he can't be talking to me. I then see in my rear view window the dude walking up to my car and he says, "Hey, chola, I got $5, can you help me and my friend?" He points over to this black lady who straight up looks like Lafawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite (which is even funnier because yesterday I saw a dude who looked just like Kip!) I look at him all insulted like and tell him no. I almost lectured him but didn't want to be late for the pug meet up. I mean, really, that would be like me saying, "Hey Mexican, hey hoodlum, can you help me? I'll give you $5..." That's just rude addressing of a person and insulting to offer $5. If he needs a ride, fine, but that $5 will very easily get him and Lafawnduh a ride on the bus no problem, which, did I mention they were right next to a bus stop? I think they were just going to try to hustle someone if they could get in a car and try to steal some money or a car or something. But seriously, that dude was rude and, he totally looked like a tool too.

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