Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Don" vs. "Mailman Lady"

One of the things that comes with moving is you get a new mailman. Ours is "Don". He's this old dude who I am not super thrilled with. He has passed my house up on various occasions in which I've left letters in the box to be delivered (and they're visible.) It's like he doesn't take them because that would require walking to my door to get them, which is a whole 10 feet from his normal path, which would add 20 feet to his day. Mailman Lady was way better. Not only did she always check my box for mail, she would bring my packages to my door and if I wasn't there to sign for something, she'd come back before heading back in case I was there and she missed me. Seriously! I really miss her as my mailman. And she loved Lulu. She'd pet her every day she saw her. "Don" seems to not like Lulu much at all. He just seems crochety. I don't see a generous tip in his Christmas future.

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