Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting Tail [Lights] Always Rocks!!!

Somewhere in the world of eBay, the stars were shining down on me and the Gods were feeling I needed some lovin'. As mentioned a blog or two back, I totally lost out on a tail light offer. Then I see my same car for sale as a salvage on eBay for $300. I emailed the seller if he'd sell them to me. He said if no one bid he would. Well, the auction closed and he sold the car. Boo. But he emails me saying that he knocked the price off the winning bid in exchange of selling the lights to me. Yay. So it's just a matter of waiting to hear if he's going to be cool with sending me an invoice for the item or if he's just going to do a buy it now auction on Monday. The end. Thank you nice eBay seller guy and understanding winning bidder.

So this isn't my Oldsmobile but it's the one I'm getting the lights from. It's just like my car!

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