Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I love that word.

So I was looking at Danielle's album last night of her trying on wedding dresses. I get super bummed whenever I think about the fact Jesse and I didn't have a traditional wedding. Oh well. I need to stop dwelling on it. What more could I say about us other than we weren't quite right from the get-go. Our relationship started as an accident (or was it intentional?) Either way, we wound up together. He asks me to marry him at my friend's wedding while he has a mouth full of tacos and chunks are flying out and we were both relatively drunk and by that point had only dated each other for 3 months. Long before that, maybe our second date, if you will, he said we should get married one day and I said OK and we thought August of 2008 would work because he'd be out of school and we'd move to Prescot, AZ where he'd get a job with Ruger and we'd live happily ever after. And of course things didn't happen that way. Instead we wound up in Reno, Jesse didn't get to go back to school, I got pregnant, we got married in a court house and shot machine guns that same day ending it all with finding $20 on the floor in a Coldstone's.

We never got a wedding. We never got a honeymoon. At least till now anyway.

Jesse has a ridiculous amount of vacation time saved up and is going to cash in on some of it. We decided we are going to go to Harvey's Lake Tahoe with the getaway coupon I won and go to a comedy show out there. It'll probably be a two day one night thing but we need to find someone willing to watch Charlie for 2 whole days and a night. It'll be nice to have a weekend as grown ups. Not to mention it'll be like the honeymoon we never got for the traditional wedding we never had.

In addition to coolness, we got our security deposit and half the pet deposit back from our old place so we're going to use that as "happy money" for things we want but normally couldn't afford. Jesse gets a new starter and carburator for his Galaxie, I get a beach cruiser. Charlie will get a bike seat so he can go on bike rides with me as well as a helmet. It'll be great. I can't wait.

Anyway that's things in a nutshell right now. I eagerly await our "honeymoon" some almost two years after we got married. Are we still considered newlyweds?

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