Friday, June 19, 2009

I still hate bankers...

You don't have to know me well to know how much I hate bankers. I'd say a large part of them from my experience are high school barely graduates who lucked into the job as a teller because they have a friend of a friend or whatever that gets them in. Most of them get management jobs simply because they've been there forever and a day, not because they are management material. Then they get these little power trips that because they're in charge of your money, they are great as shit, yet it's this same mentality that has drawn our economy to shit of having people who barely grasp the concept of basic math with a calculator. So today I have not the first situation of this, but second situation in which I go to the Wells Fargo on Plumb to deposit a check. I ride my bike down there with Charlie in his seat and he has fallen asleep. The ATM is broken and the bank employee working there tells me to just go to the drive through. OK. I go to the drive through teller, "Ivy", who tells me that due to safety liability issues she cannot help me and that I need to use the ATM. I tell her the ATM is broken and the employee with the mechanic directed me to use the drive through. She then sounds like a broken record and I tell her I'd like to speak to her manager and she says she is the manager and she's telling me that for my safety she can't help me. At this point, I go bitch on her and tell her that a bike is a vehicle and ask her if they also deny service to other two wheeled vehicles like motorcycles or scooters and then ask what's the safety difference if she helps me in the drive through or if I go to the mechanical drive through ATM right next to her. She has no response to this. I then tell her she will take my transaction and be getting a corporate complaint filed. It's funny how fast you get service once you mention corporate complaint and ask for a name.

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