Friday, June 19, 2009

"Is that like an Astro Van?"

I bought Jesse his real Father's Day presents today, which are a new starter and a carburetor for his Galaxie. It was originally going to be just the carburetor but when his starter crapped out, I couldn't get the one without the other. I went to Kragen to get his starter after calling around to get prices and they were close and had the best price. I get there and I asked the guy working there who looked like Eminem and sounded like a hillbilly if he had any jacks for cars and he takes me to a row of them. I look and ask him which would be best for a 1967 Ford Galaxie.

He looks dumbfounded and asks, "Is that like an Astro Van?"

I have a completely dumbfounded blank expression on my face. No. It's a big old car.

"Oh, like a Nova?"

No! It's a Ford Galaxie! It's not a Chevy. It doesn't even look like a Nova. It's big and heavy like one. You can then see the rusted wheels cranking away in his head struggling to come up with a logical thought but alas, it gets stuck as it reaches a missing tooth in the gears.

I find it interesting that a person who doesn't know much about cars is working in a store that sells parts for cars, but oh well. I don't know anything about cars for what it's worth, but still. An Astro Van? I couldn't help but feel like Parker Posey in Best in Show when she's at the toy store looking for the Busy Bee toy.

"This? This is a fish? This is a fish!"

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