Friday, June 12, 2009

The Issues

So to get everyone caught up with all the things in the Ford Galaxie, here it is.
First off is the carburetor, which I believe is 50% of the reason why the kid I bought it from sold it.
When I first got it home I noticed it was running really rich and had several vacuum leaks.
Being a kid I imagine he did not know what vacuum leaks are all about and started turning screws on the carburetor till it ran half way decent.
Second is the cars wiring, if you've ever seen a bowl of spaghetti then you get an idea of what I am dealing with.
When I got it the headlights didn't work, nor did the brake and tail lights or indicators or the dash lights.
The dash lights and indicators still don't work but soon enough they will.
The gas filler tube leaks at the point in joins into the gas tank.
and as I found out last weekend it has several generations of Bondo on the drivers side quarter panel.
The sizable dent that is the catalyst for the said bondo will be knocked out and a much much thinner layer of bondo will be applied to smooth everything out.
On a tangent I have to say that I still don't understand why bondo is so over used, I mean for fucks sake, I've seen bondo jobs that would have taken longer to accomplish than it would have been to just bang out or pull the dent or other damage.
One of those automotive mysteries of life I suppose.

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DasBoogs said...

Not to mention it probably cost less to get the part and have it put on, right? Let's not forget the wonderful game of "what does this wire do" where we accidentally wound up hot wiring your car.