Saturday, June 6, 2009


Apparently I don't have enough stress in my life because I managed to lock myself out of my own home this morning while taking Lulu potty. I broke through the doggie door and told Lulu to "get my keys" in hopes maybe she'd be smart enough in a moment of panic to rescue us. No. She ran inside from the rain (that's right, it was raining) and plopped on the couch. Charlie was crying in his room moving the mini blinds away so he could see Mommy frantically scrambling around the back yard for something to break into the house with. No luck. Finally I have to go to a neighbor's house and ask to use their phone so I could call Jesse at work to come home and open the house up for me. I feel like such a tool and told him that, to which his words of comfort were, "You should." Thanks, Boog. And after you got to open your Father's Day present 3 weeks early. You're too kind. At least he saved my ass from the rain.

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