Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me and my weird dreams...

I had this dream me and my photographer friend Alissa were going to be in a group show about Thanksgiving, particularly turkeys. It was called the "Turkey Gobble". Alissa still had to shoot her photo and she had this book she made of really odd little drawings in pastel color pencils on beige card stock. I had a portrait of a turkey and then I got mail in and I got a bunch of packages and one of them was a really nice hardback book of photos of everyone's work. We browsed the pages and my pieces weren't in there, but it turns out they were but we passed over them. I thought they didn't get in because they were turned in late. Anyway, we got our stuff to the Turkey Gobble and Alissa had a photo of a turkey that was shot and it's head was blown off. Apparently I helped her with the photo because I was the one who shot the turkey and she needed someone with a gun to help her and I was the perfect candidate. She thought it would be fun to have a fellow artist collaborate with her on it. The picture came out really cool because the blood was very bright red and was a really nice contrast to the deep green hues of the leaves on the floor around it.

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