Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not enough Krylon in the world

I thought I'd finish up painting today, of course the Gods are against me on it. The first sign should have been yesterday with all the bondo repairs, but the second was with running out of daylight yesterday. The third was today when I sanded my hood down and ran out of primer. Then, I started to paint and I couldn't keep that paint on with the heat. Did I mention I burned my finger touching hot primer because today is the first hot day of the year after all the rain we had the last few weeks and the cooling period? Well it is. Anyway, I burned my finger on primer. That made painting harder because it was blistering and then callused, so there's a blister under my callus. I ran out of paint after the hood, front and driver's side door. I still have the rest of the driver's side and the trunk to do. I suppose at some point I can go buy more paint if they have any more at Walmart. The good thing was Charlie slept like forever and is still sleeping. I not only got to take a mid day shower after I ran out of paint, but I also got to rest and make some fresh squeezed lemonade. Yay.

From this side it almost looks like a real car!

Proud of my work.

Oh, and one irrelevant kicker: when Charlie was weaned I gained 5 lbs. Over the last few weeks, the process of sanding my car has been enough exercise to make me lose those 5 lbs. I am happy.

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